WW – Aging

How are you adjusting to getting older?
How have you been adjusting to not being able to do things like when you were younger?
How do you feel about all this?
What are some of the realizations / realities that you have had to deal with?
What actions does this prompt you to take?
If not now, when? Why?

First of all I feel I have had a great life so far. I have done and seen so many things. I have experienced highs and lows – but staying focused on the highs getting to 68 has been an interesting ride. Sometimes I feel I am watching someone else’s movie through their eyes. Like it is happening but not necessarily to me directly.

I do miss a lot of things I used to do. Hiking long distances and enjoying the outdoors has been severely limited for me these last 4 years due to my foot and problems with it.
Riding my dirt bike through trails of my old neighborhood was so much fun. Up and down bumps and around trees at high speed… but alas I have lost my balance and can no longer balance on a bike. I am hoping to get a tri-wheel bike like you see in Florida or other retirement areas once we have built our new home.

I do miss skiing. I was a ski instructor when I was in my late teens and twenties. I worked in the ski business for 10 years driving to all the major ski areas, a different one each day and often on a Tuesday or wednesday would head out for a few runs with the owner of the hill. Often on trails no-one else even knew existed. Skiing in what is known in the industry as “eye-ball” powder up to your hips in snow going 40 miles an hour down the slope – it is an amazing feeling. I don’t how else to relate this except that you feel like you are flying along the surface of the earth floating down the mountain. I will miss those times. Being on the inside of an industry that was so much fun. The trade shows, the evenings out with people who create “parting” events for the public – they really know how to do it.

I have learned to take a greater interest in the news and current events to fill my day with more reading. I am also transfixed on history stories shown on YouTube. I have a great setting where literally my bed is made, my food is cooked, the house is cleaned and my laundry arrives folded on my shelves. I have a driver I call to take me anywhere I want and I have an entire family of activities going on just outside my (bedroom) door. With my grandchildren I have a couple hours a day where they wander in and we have fun watching some Sesame street or other children’s show. Again, changing diapers, washing and taking care of these little creatures is taken care of by someone else. I can simply hand them off to someone when they need something…food, wash… sleep.

All in all my world is about inward contemplation. I have enough retirement money right now to be able to pay my share of the bills and join my family for outings to restaurants or safari events nearby without having to work. I do have Russell Tours waiting in the wings to come back. Question is in 2022 when the reality of travel is here again – what will it look like? Will people be willing to travel? All unknowns, but I have a way to build the business and grow my customer base with the market I like (senior hikers). I am sure when it comes back around I will be able to be able to build it back up.

While I miss some of the physical aspects of my youth I am fully contented to sit with my eyes glued to some story or event unfolding around the world on my computer. Thank goodness for the Internet.

We have many new challenges coming for our family. We are about to build a family compound and landscape it in all natural plantings. This will be a two year project and the team my family is assembling should make this next event a great time for me as I tweak the world I will be living in for the next 20 years.

As my foot heals I am hoping to get more back into hiking and being outdoors for both my health and my curiosity of the world. My plan is to take the Russell Tours business cashflow to fund my trips to various areas of the world for fun and adventure.