Smudging Sensie

Close your eyes and stretch out your arms.

Smell the scent of the glowing sage as the smoke flows over your body.

Breath in the smoke and let all of your worldly distractions fade away.

Concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing and the beating of your heart.

Feel as your fingertips reach to either side and your feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Feel the warmth of your blood as it courses through your body as you go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation.

As your past and your future thoughts fade, feel this movement and how important this is to you.

Feel the flow of all the worldly ideas and feelings simply disappear into the ground as you stand here listening to my voice.

Nothing else matters but this momemnt of piece and calm feeling you now have.

All of you is present here in this moment.

Turn so that I may clear the energy of your past and release you from any burdens in your day or the days that went before.

All of your past stresses now simply flow away from you on the ground beneath your feet.

Turn and look into my eyes.

Take this gift of this sage smudging and my love for you into your heart.

Remember that all of you is welcome here.

All of you is in a safe here and you are in a caring place.

The gifts that you bring are important and needed here in this place on this day.


History of Smudging.