Nourish the mind to become more present as one being – sit in spiritu vestro.


Nourish the mind to become more present as one being – sit in spiritu vestro.

“i” nourish my body with food to feed my physical engine. sitspot

  • i burn those food calories through exercise to make the pathways of my body strong and vibrant.
  • My actions open my veins, heart, muscles, skin and all of the organs of my body to help me thrive.


How do “i” nourish the pathway (synaptic) connections for my brain to make it strong and vibrant?

  • How do i use my eyes, ears, nose, taste and my feelings to feed the brain and build stronger pathways for a healthy thriving brain?
  • How to i practice being present and in the moment as one being so that the billions of cells in my body can focus on and use all of its gifts i have to engage with the world around me?
  • How do i create a broader more vibrant core of my “oneness” that can better grasp, extrapolate and absorb that which can enrich the billions of cells that make up this one life as a thriving being?

Join me in circle and thrive in the art of being – sit in spiritu vestro.

Torrey Russell
Ethereal Bobcat with Luminescent Reflective Eyes.


Sit Spot.

The First Nation’s people used a technique that is today known as the “sit spot”. The sit spot is used to help focus the brain through all of its senses. By sitting and observing and doing nothing else your body, and all of its senses, become present and in the moment.  When you are sitting in your sit spot often many thoughts come up and many issues of the day present themselves.  This dialectic between what is in your head and what is around you at that moment become transformative and often help you to draw out those inner shadows in your life that are keeping you from being a complete being on this earth.