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Artists A

Al Di Meola John McLaughlin Paco de Lucia
    The Rite of Strings
    CD 1 – Friday Night In San Francisco
    CD 2 – Passion, Grace & Fire
    CD 3 – The Guitar Trio

Al Di Meola
    Al Di Meola live
    Al Di Meola Not Labeled
    Cielo e Terra
    Consequence of Chaos
    Di Meola Plays Piazzolla
    Diabolic Inventions and Seduct
    Electric Rendezvous
    Elegant Gypsy
    Flesh On Flesh
    Friday Night In San Francisco
    Heart of The Immigrants
    Kiss My Axe
    La Melodia live In Milano
    Land of The Midnight Sun
    Meola Project
    Merry Axemas_ Volume 2 – More
    Orange and Blue
    Soaring Through A Dream
    Splendido Hotel
    The Grande Passion
    The Infinite Desire
    Tirami Su
    Vocal Rendezvous
    Winter Nights
    World Sinfonia

Al Di Meola_ John McLaughlin_

Al Di Meola_ Stanley Clarke_ J
    The Rite of Strings

Al Green
    Anthology (Disc 3)
    Anthology (Disc 4)
    Greatest Hits Al Green
    More Greatest Hits

Al Kooper_Mike Bloomfield
    The Live Adventures Of (Disc 2

Alain Lombard
    Lakme – Leo Delibes

Alan Loveday_ Neville Marriner
    Vivaldi_ The Four Seasons_ L’E

Alexi Murdoch
    Alexi Murdoch in Concert July-
    Four Songs
    Time Without Consequence
    Towards The Sun

Alirio Diaz

Alirio Diaz
    The Legend of Alirio Diaz_ Vo

Allman Brothers
    The Allman Joys

The Allman Brothers
    The Allman Joys

The Allman Brothers Band
    Play All Night_ live at The Beacon

Allman Brothers Band
    Eat A Peach

Alvin Lee
    A Hear You Rockin’
    Bellinzona Piazza
    Free Fall
    Detroit Diesel
    In Flight
    In Tennessee
    Keep On Rockin (Disc 1)
    Keep On Rockin (Disc 2)
    Let It Rock
    Live In Geneva 2009
    live In Vienna
    Pump Iron!
    Rocket Fuel
    Rocking Rendezvous
    Rx 5 1981
    RX5 2005
    Still On The Road To Freedom
    The Anthology
    The Best of Alvin Lee
    The Best Songs (CD1)
    The Best Songs (CD2)
    The Best Songs (CD3)
    Unreleased Album
    Alvin Lee – Live Baden Baden_
    live at Ohne Filter_ Baden Bad
    live at Ohne Filter_ Baden Bad
    Alvin Lee And Company
    In Flight Vol_ 1
    In Flight Vol_ 2
    Alvin Lee And Mylon Lefevre
    On The Road To Freedom
    Alvin Lee And Ten Years Later
    Ride On
    Alvin Lee Band Feat_ Mick Taylor
    live at Rolling Stone_ Milano
    live at Teatro Tenda_ Firenze

Ten Years After
    live at Boston Paradise Theater
    The Anthology 1967-1971 [Hip-O] Disc 1
    The Anthology 1967-1971 [Hip-O] Disc 2
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

Amy Winehouse
    live at BBC Sessions

Andre Feriante

Andrea Bocelli
    Andrea Bocelli Platinum Collec
    Fly (Rare Tracks)
    Sacred Arias
    Time To Say Goodbye
    Viaggio Italiano
    Viaggio Italio

Andreas Vollenweider
    Andreas Vollenweider
    Behind The Gardens-Behind The
    Book of Roses
    Caverna Magica
    Dancing With The Lion
    Down To The Moon
    Eine Art Suite In XIII Teilen
    Eolian Minstrel
    Kryptos _Bonus Tracks_
    Live 1982-1994 Disc 1
    Live 1982-1994 Disc 2
    live CD1
    live CD2
    Midnight Clear
    Storyteller Disc 1
    The Storyteller
    Andreas Vollenweider Vox
    Vox _DualDisc_ Disc 1
    White Winds

Andres Segovia
    Guitar Recital
    The Baroque Guitar

Andrew Bird
    Andrew Bird
    Armchair Apocrypha
    Break It Yourself
    Hands of Glory
    live In Montreal
    Noble Beast
    The Mysterious Production of e
    Useless Creatures
    Weather Systems

Andrew Lloyd Webber
    ALW- The Divas

Andres Segovia
    Andres Segovia Not Labled

Angel Romero_ Academy Of St_ Martin
    Vivaldi_ Guitar Concertos

Angie Stone
    Conception_ an interpretation

Anoushka Shankar
    live at Carnegie Hall
    Midival Times
    Rise Remixes
    Traces of You

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh kale
    Breathing Under Water

Antonio Vivaldi_ The London Mo
    The Four Seasons _ Concertos f

Arlo Guthrie
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Arthur Lee_ Jimi Hendrix_ Step
    The Blue Thumb Acetate

    Lucy Ford EP

Away We Go Movie Sound Track
    Away We Go

Artists B

Bad Company_
    The Paul Rodgers and Bad Company Anthology CD2

    Timeless___ The Musical Legacy

Beach Boys
    Best of The Beach Boys
    The Very Best of The Beach Boy

    Pa fuera telara?s

    Modern Guilt



Bela Fleck and the Flectones
    Bela Fleck and The Flectones

Ben Harper
    Ben Harper live at The Terrace
    Both Sides of The Gun
    Burn To Shine
    Diamonds On The Inside
    Fight For Your Mind
    Get Up! & Charlie Musselwhite
    Give Till It’s Gone
    The Will To live
    There Will Be A Light
    Welcome To The Cruel World
    White Lies For Dark Times

Bert Sommer
    live Woodstock Bootleg

Big Head Todd & the Monsters
    live Monsters
    Midnight Radio
    Sister Sweetly

Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    Big Head Todd and The Monsters
    My So Called Life Soundtrack

Billy Corgan
    Vic Theatre_ Chicago_ IL (7-5-

Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
    The Band of Gypsys Return

Billy Joel
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le

Black Coffey
    Conception_ an interpretation

Blind Faith
    Blind Faith
    Blind Faith (Live_ Gothenborg_

Blind Faith_ Eric Clapton_ The
    You can All join In

Blodwyn Pig
    Ahead Rings Out
    Getting To This

Blodwyn Pig_ Mick Abrahams
    Pig In The Middle

Blood Sweat Ant Tears
    live Woodstock Bootleg

Blues Breakers with Eric Clapt
    Looking Back

Bob Dylan
    All along The watchtower
    At Budokan Disc 1
    At Budokan Disc 2
    Before The Flood
    Blonde On Blonde
    Bob Dylan MTV Unplugged
    Bob Dylan Various
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Planet Waves
    The Bootleg Series Vol_ 4_ Bob
    The Bootleg Series_ Vol_ 6_ Bo
    The Genuine Bootleg Series

Bob Dylan & The Band
    The Basement Tapes – CD 1
    The Basement Tapes – CD 2

Bob Dylan and George Harrison

Bob Dylan_ Paul Simon
    Antioch_ TN_ Sep 8_ 1999

Bob Marley

Bobby McFerrin
    Don’t Worry Be Happy

Bon Appetit Musique
    France and French Cafe Accordi

Bonfire Madigan
    Bonfire Madigan Various
    From The Burnpile
    KRS Singles Club 09-99
    saddle The bridge

    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le

Boz Scaggs
    Boz Scaggs
    Down Two Then Left
    Fade Into Light
    Greatest Hits live
    Middle Man
    Moments_Boz Scaggs & Band
    My Time_Slow Dancer
    Other Roads
    Silk Degrees
    Some Change

Brian May_Steve Vai

Brian McKnight
    Conception_ an interpretation

Bruce Hornsby
    A Night On The Town
    Backdraft Soundtrack
    Big Swing Face
    Bruce Hornsby Hall of Fame Liv
    Bruce Hornsby The Rock & Roll
    Greatest Radio Hits
    Halcyon Days
    Harbor Lights
    Here Come The Noise Makers
    Hot House
    Intersections 1985-2005
    Intersections _1985-2005_ (CD1
    Intersections _1985-2005_ (CD2
    Intersections _1985-2005_ (CD3
    Intersections _1985-2005_ (CD4
    Scenes From The Southside
    Spirit Trail (Disc 1)
    Spirit Trail (Disc 2)
    The Way It Is
    Yoshi’s 11-8-98

Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemaker

Bruce Hornsby and the Range
    Bruce Hornsby and The Range Va

Bruce Springsteen & Billy Joel
    Bruce Springsteen & Billy Joel

Bryan Ferry
    1972 Roxy Music
    1973 For Your Pleasure
    1973 Stranded
    1973 These Foolish Things
    1974 Another Time, Another Place
    1974 Country Life
    1975 Siren
    1976 Let’s Stick Together
    1976 Viva!
    1977 In Your Mind
    1978 The Bride Stripped Bare
    1979 Concerto Manifesto Oakland
    1979 Manifesto
    1980 Flesh and Blood
    1982 Avalon
    1983 The High Road
    1983-05-26 Out of the Blue – NY
    1985 Boys And Girls
    1986 Street Life – 20 Great Hits
    1987 Bete Noire
    1987 Limbo
    1990 Heart Still Beating
    1993 I Put A Spell On You Remixes (VSCDG 1400)
    1993 Taxi
    1994 Mamouna
    1995 – the Thrill of It All – CD1
    1995 – the Thrill of It All – CD2
    1995 – the Thrill of It All – CD3
    1995 – the Thrill of It All – CD4
    1995 More Than This The Best Of Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
    1999 As Time Goes By
    2000 I am In The Mood For Love – The Best Of Solo Years
    2000 Slave To Love – The Best Of The Ballads
    2001 The Best Of Roxy Music
    2001-06-11 Glasgow 2001 – Scotland
    2002 Frantic
    2002 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
    2002 Live At The Apollo
    2003 Live In Concert – The Best Of CD1
    2003 Live In Concert – The Best Of CD2
    2004 The Platinum Collection CD1
    2004 The Platinum Collection CD2
    2004 The Platinum Collection CD3
    2005 The Collection
    2007 Dylanesque
    2009 12 Of Their Ever Greatest Hits (promotional only
    2009 The Best Of Bryan Ferry
    Another Time_ Another Place
    As Time Goes By
    Boys And Girls
    in Your Mind

Buffalo Springfield
    Buffalo Springfield

Artists C

Canned Heat
    Hallelujah and Cook Book
    On The Road Again
    The Very Best of Canned Heat
    Woodstock 1969 Day2

Carlos Santana – See SANTANA

Caron Wheeler
    Conception: an interpretation of Stevie Wonder’s Songs

Cat Stevens
    Nakano Sun Plaza 1974
    Back To EARTH
    Buddha and The Chocolate Box
    Cat Stevens Greatest Hits
    Cat Stevens Various
    Catch Bull at Four
    Footsteps In The Dark
    Matthew & Son
    Matthew & Son _UK Bonus Tracks
    Mona Bone Jakon
    Mona Bone Jakon (Super Deluxe) CD1 Original Album (2020 Remaster)
    Mona Bone Jakon (Super Deluxe) CD2 Original Album (2020 Mix)
    Mona Bone Jakon (Super Deluxe) CD3 Demos
    Mona Bone Jakon (Super Deluxe) CD4 Live
    New Masters
    Tea For The Tillerman
    Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe 2020) CD1 Original Album (Remaster)
    Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe 2020) CD2 Original Album (2020 Mix)
    Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe 2020) CD3 Delux 2020 ²
    Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe 2020) CD4 Demos / Outtakes / Alternate Versions
    Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe 2020) CD5 Live
    Teaser and The Firecat
    Teaser And The Firecat (Deluxe
    The Very Best of Cat Stevens

    MTV Unplugged

    Chicago 17
    Chicago 18 (Expanded Edition)
    Chicago 19
    Chicago Christmas_ What’s It G
    Chicago IX – Chicago’s Greates
    Chicago Transit Authority
    Chicago X
    Chicago XXX
    Deck The halls
    Night and Day_ Big-Band
    Stone of Sisyphus _XXXII_
    The Chicago Story
    The Studio Albums 1969-1978
    The Studio Albums 1969-1978 (V
    The Studio Albums 1969-1978 Ch
    Twenty 1
    XXXII_ Stone of Sisyphus

Chick Corea & Steve Vai
    Chick Corea & Steve Vai Variou

Chip Monck
    live Woodstock Bootleg

Chris Isaak
    Speak of The Devil

Cold Play
    Cold Play Various
    A Rush of Blood To The Head
    Lamaq live On BBC Radio1

Counting Crows
    Across The Wire (Live From New
    Counting Crows Not catagorized
    Counting Crows Various
    live Counting Crows
    This Desert Life

Country Joe & The Fish
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

Country Joe And The Fish
    live Woodstock Bootleg

Country Joe McDonald
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

    1968-6-15 – Oakdale Music The
    1968-10-25 – Memorial Auditori
    20th Century Masters — The Mi
    Acid The Lost Cream Tapes
    BBC Sessions (Cream Album)
    Blues Addict
    Cream Best of
    Cream Remasters – Back Bay The
    Cream Remasters – California D
    Cream Remasters – Disraeli Gea
    Cream Remasters – East Coast ‘
    Cream Remasters – Final USA To
    Cream Remasters – live at The
    Cream Remasters – live In Euro
    Cream Remasters – Outtakes & A
    Cream Remasters – Renovating t
    Disraeli Gears
    Disraeli Gears (Deluxe Editon
    Fresh Cream
    Live At The Klook’s Kleek
    live Cream ll
    Live Cream Vol_ 1
    live Cream Vol_Ii
    Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame
    Royal Albert Hall_ London 2-3-
    The Very Best of Cream
    Those Were The Days
    Wheels of Fire

    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Creedence Clearwater Revival B
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Woodstock 1969 Day2

Crosby_ Stills_ Nash & Young
    Crosby Stills & Nash _Expanded And Remastered
    Crosby_ Stills & Nash _Box Set
    Crosby_ Stills & Nash Greatest
    Woodstock 1969 Day4
    4 Way Street CD 2
    4 Way Street disc 1
    American Dream
    Deja Vu
    Deja Vu
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Looking Forward
    So Far
    Studio Archives 1969
    Woodstock 1969 Day4

Artists D

Dave Brubeck
    The Essential Dave Brubeck

Dave Mason
    26 Letters 12 Notes
    Alone Together
    Certified live
    Dave Mason
    Dave Mason Various
    It’s Like You Never Left
    Let It Flow
    live at Perkins Palace
    live at Sunrise Theatre
    live at XM Satellite Radio
    Long Lost Friend_The Best of D
    Mariposa De Oro
    Old Crest On A new Wave
    Some Assembly Required
    Split Coconut
    The Best of Dave Mason
    The Definitive Collection
    Two Hearts
    Ultimate Collection

Dave Mason & Cass Elliot
    Dave Mason & Cass Elliot

Dave Mason & Jim Capaldi
    Live – The 40_000 Headmen Tour

Dave Matthews
    Double Down

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
    Live In Las Vegas – Disc 1
    Live In Las Vegas – Disc 2

Dave Matthews Band
    Away From The World _Deluxe Ed
    Before These Crowded Streets
    Big Whiskey & The GrooGrux Kin
    Busted Stuff
    DMBLive 25
    Listener Supported
    live at Piedmont Park
    Live Trax (Starbucks Exclusive
    Live Trax Vol_ 1 (Worcester_ M
    Live Trax Vol_ 10 (Pavilion At
    Live Trax Vol_ 11 (Saratoga Sp
    Live Trax Vol_ 12 (L_B_ Day Am
    Live Trax Vol_ 13 (Busch Stadi
    Live Trax Vol_ 14 (Nissan Pavi
    Live Trax Vol_ 15 (Alpine Vall
    Live Trax Vol_ 16 (Riverbend M
    Live Trax Vol_ 17 (Shoreline A
    Live Trax Vol_ 2 (Golden Gate
    Live Trax Vol_ 3 (Meadows Musi
    Live Trax Vol_ 4 (The Classic
    Live Trax Vol_ 5 (Meadow Brook
    Live Trax Vol_ 6 (Fenway Park_
    Live Trax Vol_ 7 (Hampton New
    Live Trax Vol_ 8 (Alpine Valle
    Live Trax Vol_ 9 (MGM Grand_ L
    Live Trax_ Vol_ 12
    Remember Two Things
    Stand Up
    The Central Park Concert CD1
    The Central Park Concert CD2
    The Central Park Concert CD3
    Under The Table and Dreaming

David Bowie
    Aladdin Sane_ 30th Anniversary
    BBC Radio Theatre London June
    BBC Sessions 1969-1972 Sampler
    Bowie at Beeb_ Best of BBC Rad
    David Bowie (Deluxe Edition)
    David Bowie Various
    David Live (Disc 1)
    David Live (Disc 2)
    Early On (1964-1966)
    Hunky Dory
    Let’s Dance
    On Air Bootleg
    Scary Monsters
    Space Oddity
    Station To Station
    The Man Who Sold The World
    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Sta
    Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust_ The Motion Pic

David Bowie & Mick Jagger

David Bowie_ Pat Metheny
    The Falcon and The Snowman_ OS

David Byrne
    American Utopia

David Byrne & Brian Eno
    Everything That Happens Will H
    My Life In The Bush of Ghosts

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim
    Here Lies Love

David Crosby
    David Crosby – The P_E_R_R_O_
    If I Could Only Remember My Na
    It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
    Oh Yes I can
    Sky Trails
    Voyage – Disc 3
    Voyage – Essential – Disc 1
    Voyage – Essential – Disc 2

David Crosby, guitar, vocals; Jerry Garcia, guitar, vocals; Phil Lesh, bass, vocals; Mickey Hart, drums • 1970
    The Matrix_ San Francisco_ CA_

David Gilmour
    About Face
    David Gilmour
    David Gilmour _Columbia Ck 353
    live at Pompeii
    live In Gdansk
    live In Gdansk
    On an Island
    Play Floyd Unplugged
    Rattle That Lock (Deluxe)

David Gray
    A Century Ends
    A new Day at Midnight
    Foundling (Deluxe Edition)
    Gold In A Brass Age
    Life In Slow Motin
    Lost Songs 95-98
    Sell_ Sell_ Sell
    White Ladder

Dennis Wilson
    Pacific Ocean Blue

Derek & The Dominos
    Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs: 2011 Remaster
    Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
    Live at the Fillmore CD 1
    Live At The Fillmore CD 2
    Time Life – Sounds of The Seve

Desmond Dekker
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Dire Straits
    Alchemy live
    Brothers In Arms
    Dire Straits (Remastered)
    live at The BBC
    Love Over Gold
    Making Movies
    Making Movies _Remastered_
    Money For Nothing
    On Every Street
    On Every Street (Remastered)
    On The Night
    Sultans Of Swing (The Very Best)

Don Henley
    Actual Miles_ Henley’s Greates
    Cass County (Deluxe Edition)
    The Very Best of Don Henley
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le

Don Henley with Bruce Hornsby
    live at The Grammys

Don Sineti & Chris Morgan
    A Sailor’s Valentine – Home fr

    A Gift From A Flower To A Gard
    Beat Cafe
    Catch The Wind
    Catch The Wind 03
    Cosmic Wheels
    Donovan Gold
    Donovan Not Labled
    Donovan Various
    Donovan’s Greatest Hits
    Fairytale (Expanded Deluxe Edi
    Fairytales and Colours
    Fairytales and Colours _UK_
    Golden highlights
    Hit Story Of British Pop 4
    Hurdy Gurdy Man
    H_M_S_ Donovan
    Like It Is
    Love Is Hot_ Truth Is Molten
    Not Labeled
    The Colours of Donovan
    Troubadour_ The Definitive Col
    Universal Soldier
    What’s Bin Did And What’s Bin

Duane Allman
    Skydog_ The Duane Allman Retro

Artists E

Eagle Eye Cherry
    Eagle Eye Cherry Various

Echo & The Bunnymen
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

Eddie Vedder
    All The Way (live In Chicago)
    Eddie Vedder Amsterdam LIve 20
    Eddie Vedder Various
    Into The Wild
    Into The Wild (Soundtrack)
    Ukulele Songs
    Walks On His Own
    Zellerbach Hall Berkeley live

Edgar Winter & White Trash

Elliott Smith
    Elliot Smith Various
    Elliott Smith
    Figure 8
    Good Will Hunting

Elton John
    1979-5-28 – Moscow
    21 at 33
    A Single Man
    Billy Elliot_ Original Cast Re
    Blue Moves (CD1)
    Blue Moves (CD2)
    Breaking Hearts
    Candle In The Wind 1997
    Captain Fantastic and The Brow
    Chartbusters Go Pop_ 20 Legend
    Deluxe Edition CD1
    Deluxe Edition CD2
    Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Pi
    Elton 60_ Live at MSG
    Elton John
    Elton John Ballads
    Empty Sky
    Eton John’s Christmas Party
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Hybrid SACD) – Disc 2 of 2
    Greatest Hits 2 1976-1986
    Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (Disc 1)
    Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (Disc 2)
    Greatest Hits 1970-2002 _Bonus
    Here and There
    Honkey Cat (In Concert)
    Honky Chateau
    Ice On Fire
    Jump Up!
    Lady Samantha
    Leather Jackets
    Legendary Covers As Sung By El
    live In Australia
    live In Barcelona
    Love Songs
    Made In England
    Madman Across The Water
    One Night Only (live)
    Peachtree Road
    Rare masters (CD1)
    Rare masters (CD2)
    Red Spectacles
    Reg Strikes Back
    Rock of The Westies
    Rocket Man (The Definitive Hit
    Sleeping With The Past
    Songs From The West Coast
    The Big Picture
    The Captain & The Kid
    The Complete Thom Bell Session
    The Fox
    The Muse_ Original Motion Pict
    The One
    The Red Piano – live In Caesar
    The Road To El Dorado
    The Very Best of Elton John CD
    To Be Continued___ (Disc 2)
    To Be Continued___ (Disc 3)
    To Be Continued___ (Disc 4)
    To Be Continued___ 1965 to 197
    Tokyo_ Japan 10_1_71
    Too Low For Zero _1998 Remaste
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le
    Tumbleweed Connection
    Victim of Love

Elton John & Billy Joel
    The Piano Men_ live In Tokyo

Elton John & John Lennon
    live at Madison Square Garden

Elton John & Kiki Dee
    Greatest Hits 1970-2002 _Disc

Elton John & LeAnn Rimes
    Greatest Hits 1970-2002 _Disc

Elton John & Leon Russell
    The Union

Emerson Lake and Palmer
    Emerson Lake and Palmer
    Works – Volume 1 – Disc 1
    Works Volume 2
    Black Moon
    Brain Salad Surgery
    In The Hot Seat
    Love Beach
    Pictures at an Exhibition
    Welcome Back My Friends To The
    Pictures at an Exhibition

Eminem and Elton John

Eric Burdon & The Animals
    Winds of Change
    Inside Looking Out – The 1965

Eric Clapton
    461 Ocean Blvd_ (Deluxe Editio
    461 Ocean Boulevard
    461 Ocean Boulevard (Deluxe Ed
    After Midnight live
    Another Ticket
    Back Home
    Behind The Sun
    Blind Dominoes
    Blues (Disc 1)
    Blues (Disc 2)
    Conception_ an interpretation
    Crossroads Festival 6_6_2004
    Delaney and Bonnie and Friends
    Eric Clapton (No Reason To Cry)
    Eric Clapton
    Eric Clapton Various
    From The Cradle
    Me and Mr Johnson
    Money and Cigarettes
    No Reason To Cry
    Old Sock
    Riding With The King
    Rush (Music from the Motion Pi
    Sessions For Robert J
    Slow Hand
    Sonny Boy Williamson & The Yar
    There’s One In Every Crowd

Eric Clapton & Buddy Guy
    Live at Ronnie Scott’s 1987

Eric Clapton & Carlos Santana
    The Calling

Eric Clapton and Friends_ Jimm
    Eric Clapton & Friends In Conc

Eric Clapton Jimmy Page Joe Co
    Eric Clapton & Friends In Conc

Eric Clapton_ Jeff Beck_ Jimmy
    Blue Eyed Blues

Eric Clapton_ Steve Winwood
    live From Madison Square Garde

Eric Donaldson
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Artists F

    Long Player
    Ooh La La
    The Best of Faces_ Good Boys W

Fairport Convention
    25th Anniversary (Crop 92)

Faith Hill
    Faith Hill Various
    Female Vocals 1_06

    A Song For Me
    A’s & B’s
    Family Entertainment
    It’s only a movie
    Music In A Doll’s House

Fatboy Slim
    Halfway Between The Gutter and

Felix Cavaliere
    A Classic Rock Christmas
    Castles In The Air
    Dreams In Motion
    Felix Cavaliere
    Midnight Flyer
    Nudge It Up A Notch

Fitz & the Tantrums
    Pickin’ Up The Pieces

Fleetwood Mac
    25 Years The Chain Disc 3
    25 Years The Chain Disc 4
    Bare Trees
    Behind The Mask
    Blues Jam In Chicago
    Blues Jam In Chicago Vol_ 1
    Blues Jam In Chicago Vol_ 2
    Fleetwood Mac
    Fleetwood Mac (Deluxe)
    Fleetwood Mac – Peter Green’s
    Fleetwood Mac _UK Bonus Tracks
    Future Games
    Heroes Are Hard To Find
    Kiln House
    Mr_ Wonderful _Bonus Tracks_
    Mystery To Me
    Pious Bird of Good Omen
    Pious Bird of Good Omen _2004_
    Rumours (Expanded & Remastered
    Say You Will
    Say You Will @ 21st
    Say You Will @ 21st Century
    Tango In The Night
    The Best Of Peter Green’s Flee
    The Chain 25 Years
    The Chain 25 Years (Disc 1 of
    The Chain_ 25 Years
    The Chain_ 25 Years (Disc 2)
    The Dance
    The Original Fleetwood Mac
    The Pious Bird of Good Omen
    The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac
    Then Play On

Fleetwood Mac & Christine Perf

Flux Fiddlers_ John Lennon_ Pl

Frank Enea
    Makeshift Days

Frank Zappa
    Hot Rats

Freddie King
    Live at Ebbets Field 1974-05-2
    The Very Best of Freddie King
    The Very Best of Freddy King

    live at The BBC
    The Best of Free – All Right N

    The Paul Rodgers Anthology CD1

Artists G

Gary Glitter
    The Ultimate Gary Glitter (25

Gary Stroutsos & Paul Thompson
    Echoes of Canyon De Chelly

Gato Barbieri
    Chapter Four_ Alive In new Yor
    Chapter Three – Viva Emiliano
    Che Coraz?
    El Pampero
    Finest Hour
    Gato Barbieri Various
    In Search of The Mystery
    Obsession – Hamba Khale
    Passion and Fire
    Qui Pasa
    The Impulse Story
    The Third World

George Dalaras
    Latin _ With Al Di Meola

George Fenton
    My Name Is Joe

George Harrison
    All Things Must Pass
    Beware of ABKCO !
    Cloud Nine
    Concert For Bangladesh
    Concert For George_ A Celebrat
    Dark Horse
    Early Takes
    Electronic Sound
    Extra Texture
    George Harrison
    George Harrison Various
    George Harrison With Eric Clap
    Gone Troppo
    live In Japan
    Living In The Material World
    Somewhere In England
    Songs From The Material World
    Thirty Three & 1_3
    Time Bandits
    Wonderwall Music

George Harrison and Bob Dylan
    George Harrison and Bob Dylan

George Harrison and Friends
    Concert For Bangladesh Full Al

George Michael
    Amazing – The Mixes
    Dance Remixes
    Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On M
    Five live
    Flawless (Go To The City) The
    Freek! (Single)
    Jesus To A Child
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    Listen Without Prejudice
    Older Singles and Remixes
    Shoot The Dog
    Songs From The Last Century
    Twenty Five CD1
    Twenty Five CD2
    Twenty Five CD3

George Michael & Elton John
    Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On M

George Winston
    Complete Solo Recordings 1972-
    Night Divides The Day_ The Mus

Gerad McMann
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

Glen Campbell
    Ghost On The Canvas

Glen Phillips and John Mayer
    2001_01_26 – The NorVa – Norfo

Glenn Lewis
    Conception_ an interpretation

Graham Nash
    EARTH & Sky
    Innocent Eyes
    Reflections (The Definitive Co
    Sheriff Hongisto Prisoners’ Be
    Songs For Beginners
    Songs For Survivors
    Wild Tales

    live Woodstock Bootleg

Greenbaum Norman
    Spirit In The Sky

Gregg Allman
    Laid Back

Gregorian Chants
    Gregorian Chants Chorale of Eg
    Gregorian Chants_ Vol_ 2

Artists H

Harry Chapin
    Big John’s Birthday CD1
    Big John’s Birthday CD2
    Big John’s Birthday CD3
    Dance Band On The Titanic
    Greatest Stories live
    Heads & Tales
    Living Room Suite
    Portrait Gallery
    Short Stories
    Story of A Life CD1
    Story of A Life CD2
    Story of A Life CD3
    Tea For The Tillerman
    The Bottom Line Encore Collect
    The Gold Medal Collection CD1
    The Gold Medal Collection CD2
    Verities & Balderdash

Harry Nilsson
    A Little Touch of Schmilsson I
    Aerial Ballet
    Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Disc
    All Time Greatest Hits
    Duit On Mon Dei (God’s Greates
    Harry Nilsson Sings Newman
    Nilsson Schmilsson (BMG Herita
    Pandemonium Shadow Show
    Pandemonium Shadow Show (1967)
    Pussy Cats
    Skidoo & The Point
    Son Of Schmilsson (Japanese is
    Son Of Schmilsson (Remastered
    The Point!

Harry Nilsson And John Lennon
    Pussy Cats

Herbie Hancock
    Head Hunters

Herbie Mann
    at The Village Gate
    Big Boss Mann
    Brazil Blues
    Flute Flight
    Flute Souffle
    Hold On_ I’m Comin’
    Impressions of The Middle East
    live In Rio De Janeiro
    London Underground
    Our Mann Flute
    Plays The Roar of The Greasepa
    Push Push
    Returns To The Village Gate
    Stone Flute
    Sultry Serenade
    Yardbird Suite

Herbie Mann and Sam Most
    Herbie Mann-Sam Most Quintet

Herbie Mann_Phil Woods
    Beyond Brooklyn

High Hopes
    Pulse (live)

    Moving Finger

Hootie & the Blowfish
    Cracked Rear View
Hootie and The Blowfish Variou

Hot Sauce Johnson
    Truck Stop Jug Hop

Hot Tuna
    The Best of Hot Tuna

Howlin’ Wolf
    The Definitive Collection

Howlin’ Wolf_ Muddy Waters_ Bo
    The Super Super Blues Band

Humble Pie
    The Definitive Collection

Artists I

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    Do It Yourself

    Ikinyarwanda Icyiciro cya 1

The Incredible String Band
    The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers
    Balmore Tapes
    Be Glad For The Song Has No En
    Changing Horses
    Hard Rope and Silken Twine
    I Looked Up
    Incredible String Band
    Liquid Acrobat As Regards The
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    No Ruinous Feud
    The Chelsea Sessions 1967
    The Hangman’s Beautiful Daught
    U – A Surreal Parable In Song
    Wee Tam & The Big Huge

    Conception_ an interpretation

    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

INXS with Jimmy Barnes
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    Alone In Iz World
    e Ala e
    Facing Future
    Iz In Concert
    Ka ‘Ano’i
    N Dis Life

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole & The Ma

It’s A Beautiful Day
    It’s A Beautiful Day

Artists J

Jack Johnson
    Bonnaroo 6-21-02
    In Between Dreams
    Jack Johnson Various
    On and On
    The September Sessions
    Ziggy’s 11-4-01

Jack White
    Another Way to Die (_Quantum O
    Freedom At 21
    Jack White Acoustic Recordings
    The Raconteurs – Broken Boy So
    The Raconteurs – Consolers of

Jackson Browne
    For Everyman
    Hold Out
    Jackson Browne
    Jackson Browne Various
    LIves In The balance
    The Next Voice You Hear_ The B

James Bay
    Chaos and The Calm
    Other Sides – EP

James Taylor
    Sweet Baby James
    That’s Why I’m Here

James Taylor & Joni Mitchell
    live at Royal Albert Hall

Janis Joplin
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Woodstock 1969 Day2

Jean Michel Jarre & Vangelis

Jeff Beck
    aichi_ japan 1978
    at Last Rainbow
    BBC Radio 1 Sessions – 1967-19
    Beckology Disc 1
    Beckology Disc 2
    Beckology Disc 3
    Beck_ Bogert & Appice live
    Blow By Blow
    Boston ’76
    Emotion & Commotion
    Exhaust Note November
    Jeff Beck live – B_B_ King Blu
    Jeff Beck Very Rare
    Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop
    live With Jan Hammer Group
    Merry Axemas – A Guitar Christ
    Nigel Kennedy & Jeff Beck
    Official Bootleg USA ’06 _320k
    Performing Tonight
    Rare Raw Rough and Ready
    Rod Stewart Lead Vocalist
    Ronnie Scotts (Jeff Beck & Mik
    Royal Albert Hall_ July 4Th 20
    Second Night in Saitama 2009 B
    Shape of Things
    St_ Louis 1995
    The Best of Beck
    The Steakhouse Sessions
    There and Back
    Tokyo 1980
    Tokyo International Forum
    Upp and Jeff Beck Band
    Who Else!
    You Had It Coming

Jeff Beck & Rory Gallagher
    Box of Frogs

Jeff Beck & Jed Leiber
    Frankies House

Jeff Beck & Stanley Clarke
    Hymas Amsterdam July 5_ 1979

Jeff Beck & Stevie Ray Vaughn

Jeff Beck & The Big Town Playb
    Crazy Legs

Jeff Beck Group
    BBC Sessions 60′
    Jeff Beck Group
    Rough and Ready

Jeff Beck Jimi Hendrix
    Plays Jimi Hendrix

Jeff Beck Santana Steve Lukath

Jeff Beck _ Stanley Clarke
    live Superstition

Jeff Beck_ Stanley Clarke
    Stanley Clarke_ “Hello Jeff”

Jeff Buckley
    Jeff Buckley Various
    Live At Sin-e (Legacy Edition

Jeff Buckley_Chris Cornell
    Lilac Seasons

Jefferson Airplane
    After Bathing at Baxters
    Bless Its Pointed Lettle Head
    Crown of Creation (MFSL)
    Jefferson Airplane
    Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
    Jefferson Airplane_ The Woodst
    live In Monterey
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Long John Silver
    Surrealistic Pillow _2003 Rema
    Takes Off (2003 stereo remaste
    Volunteers (Expanded 2003 Rema
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

Jefferson Starship
    at Their Best
    Dragon Fly
    Freedom at Point Zero
    Jefferson’s Tree Of Liberty
    Knee Deep In The Hoopla
    Love Among The Cannibals
    Modern Times
    No Protection
    Nuclear Furniture
    Platinum & Gold Collection
    Red Octopus
    Red Octopus (Remastered _ Expa
    Soiled Dove
    Windows of Heaven
    Winds of Change

Jerry Garcia
    Almost Acoustic

Jesse Colin Young
    Song For Juli

Jethro Tull
    20 Years Of_Living In The Past
    A Classic Case_ The Music of J
    A Jethro Tull Collection
    A Passion Play
    A Passion Play (2003 Remaster)
    Aqualung (Remaster)
    Aqualung live
    Best of Ian Anderson & Jethro
    Bursting Out_ Jethro Tull live
    Catfish Rising _2006 Remaster_
    Crest of A Knave
    Crest of a Knave (2005 Remaste
    Grand Collection
    Heavy Horses
    Jethro Tull Extended Versions
    Jethro Tull In Concert
    Jethro Tull live _Christmas at
    Jethro Tull Various
    Live At Hammersmith ’84
    live at Madison Square Garden
    Live At Montreux 2003
    live Bursting Out
    live In Anaheim
    Living In The Past
    Minstrel In The Gallery
    M_U__ The Best of Jethro Tull
    Nightcap (Disc 2) – Unreleased
    Nightcap_ The Unreleased Maste
    Nothing Is Easy_ live at The I
    Original masters
    Rock Island
    Songs From The Wood
    Stand Up (Remaster)
    Stand Up _Bonus Tracks_
    Super Groups In Concert
    Sweet Dreams (French Single)
    The Anniversary Collection
    The Anniversary Collection (CD
    The Best of Acoustic Jethro Tu
    The Broadsword and The Beast
    The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
    Thick As A Brick
    This was
    This was _Bonus Tracks_
    This Was _Collector’s Edition_
    Too Old To Rock ‘N’ Roll_ Too
    Under Wraps
    War Child

Jim Capaldi
    Electric Nights
    Fierce Heart
    Let The Thunder Cry
    Living On The Outside
    Oh How We Danced
    One Man One Mission
    Poor Boy Blue
    Some Come Running
    The Contender
    The Sweet Smell of Success
    Whale Meat Again

Jim Capaldi & Dave Mason
    40_000 Headmen

Jim Morrison
    an American Prayer

Jimi Hendrix – See The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Cliff
    Best of Jimmy Cliff
    The Harder They Come
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Jimmy Page
    Playin’ Up A Storm

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
    Walking Into Clarkdale

Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes
    live at The Greek

Jimmy Page_ John Paul Jones_ J
    Rock and Roll Highway _Japan Q

Jo Anna Burns-Miller
    Desert Flower
    Snow Flower

    Big Chain
    Bite Down Hard
    Jo Jo Gunne
    Jumpin’ The Gunne
    So___Where’s The Show_

Joan Baez
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Joan BaezJeffrey Shurtleff
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Joe Bonamassa
    live at Carnegie Hall an Acous

Joe Cocker
    Classics_ Vol_4
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Mad Dogs & Englishmen
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

Joe Pass
    Joe Pass Guitar Virtuoso Disc

Joe Sample
    Ashes To Ashes
    Fancy Dance
    Old Places Old Faces
    Rainbow Seeker
    Rainbow Seeker {BTD-703}
    Sample This
    Soul Shadows
    The Best of Joe Sample
    The Hunter
    The Pecan Tree
    Voices In The Rain

Joe Sample & David T_ Walker
    Swing Street Cafe

Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway
    The Song LIves On

Joe Sample & Nils Landgren
    Creole Love Call

Joe Sample And The Soul Commit
    Did You Feel That_

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai
    Joe Satriani & Steve Vai Vario

Joe Satriani_ Eric Johnson & S
    G3- live In Concert

Joe Walsh
    Analog Man
    Look What I Did

Joe_ f_ Mr_ Cheeks
    Conception_ an interpretation

John B_ Sebastian
    1970 John Sebastian Live
    1970-John B_ Sebastian

John Cougar Mellencamp
    20th Century Masters – The Mil
    A Biography
    American Fool
    Big Daddy
    Check It Out
    Chestnut Street Incident
    Conception_ an interpretation
    Cuttin’ Heads
    Dance Naked
    Freedom’s Road
    Human Wheels
    John Cougar
    John Mellencamp
    Life Death Love and Freedom
    Life_ Death_ live and Freedom
    Ltd Edition Bonus Disc – VH1 S
    Mr_ Happy Go Lucky
    Nothin’ Matters And What If It
    Rough Harvest
    Sad Clowns & Hillbillies
    The Best That I Could Do
    The Kid Inside
    The Lonesome Jubilee (Remaster
    Trouble No More
    Uh-Huh (Remastered)
    Whenever We Wanted
    Words & Music_ John Mellencamp

John Fogerty
    Wrote A Song For Everyone

John Hiatt
    1974 – Hangin’ Around The Obse
    1975 – Overcoats
    1979 – Slug Line
    1980 – Two Bit Monsters
    1982 – All of A Sudden
    1983 – Riding With The King
    1985 – Warming Up To The Ice A
    1987 – Bring The Family
    1990 – Stolen Moments
    1992 – Little Village
    1993 – Perfectly Good Guitar
    1994 – Hiatt Comes Alive at Bu
    1995 – Walk On
    1997 – Little Head
    2000 – Crossing Muddy Waters
    2001 – The Tiki Bar Is Open
    2003 – Beneath This Gruff Exte
    2005 – Master of Disaster
    2008 – Same Old Man
    John Hiatt Various
    Perfectly Good Guitar
    Stolen Moments

John Hiatt and the Guilty Dogs
    Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan

John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat
    Hooker ‘N Heat

John Lennon
    John Lennon Various
    live Peace In Toronto
    Milk and Honey
    Mind Games
    Plastic Ono Band
    Rare Boot
    Rock ‘n’ Roll
    Signature Box Disc 10
    Signature Box Disc 11
    Some Time In new York
    Some Time In new York City
    The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes
    The John Lennon Collection
    The Lost Lennon Tapes
    Walls and Bridges

John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix
    John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix

John Lennon_ Yoko Ono
    Double Fantasy

John Martyn
    John Martyn
    One World
    Serendipity- an Introduction t
    Sweet Little Mysteries (Disc T
    1967 – John Martyn – London Conversation
    1968 – John Martyn – The Tumbler
    1970 – John & Beverley Martyn – Stormbringer!
    1970 – John & Beverley Martyn – The Road To Ruin
    1971 – John Martyn – Bless The Weather
    1973 – John Martyn – Inside Out
    1973 – John Martyn – Solid Air
    1974 – John Martyn – Sunday’s Child
    1977 – John Martyn – One World
    1980 – John Martyn – Grace & Danger
    1981 – John Martyn – Glorious Fool
    1982 – John Martyn – Well Kept Secret
    1984 – John Martyn – Sapphire
    1986 – John Martyn – Piece By Piece
    1990 – John Martyn – The Apprentice
    1991 – John Martyn – Cooltide
    1996 – John Martyn – And
    1998 – John Martyn – The Church With One Bell
    2000 – John Martyn – Glasgow Walker
    2004 – John Martyn – On The Cobbles
    1976 – John Martyn – Live At Leeds
    1987 – John Martyn -(live) Foundations
    1991 – Live at Bristol (Official Bootleg)
    1992 – BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
    1996 – John Martyn – And Live
    2006 – John Martyn – In Session at the BBC
    1997 – John Martyn – Snooo
    1992 – John Martyn – Couldn’t Love You More
    1993 – John Martyn – No Little Boy
    1994 – John Martyn – Sweet Little Mysteries – Island Antology

John Mayall
    London Blues_ The Best of 1964

John Mayer
    Heavier Things
    Inside Wants Out
    John Mayer
    John Mayer Various
    live at ECSU
    MP3 w_ glenn phillips
    Room For Squares

John McLaughlin
    The Essential John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin with Al Di Meo
    Passion_ Grace & Fire

John McLaughlin_ Jeff Bec
    John McLaughlin Various

John Sebastian
    Cheapo-Cheapo Productions Pres
    John B_ Sebastian
    John Sebastian
    John Sebastian live
    Rhino Hi-Five_ John Sebastian
    Tarzana Kid
    The Best of John Sebastian
    The Four of Us
    Welcome Back
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Johnny Cash
    American IV_ The Man Comes Aro
    Johnny Cash Various

Johnny Nash
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Johnny Winter
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

Jones_ Norah
    Bonnaroo Music Festival_ Manch

Joni Mitchell
    (Kept On) By Her Own Devices
    1968_08_23 Philadelphia Folk F
    an All-Star Tribute To Joni Mi
    Big Yellow Taxi
    Both Sides Now
    Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm
    Court and Spark
    Dog Eat Dog
    Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter
    Dreamland – The Very Best of
    For The Roses
    Ladies of The Canyon
    Live at Carnegie Hall 1972-02-
    Live At Club 47 (1968) Remaste
    Live at Red Rocks_ 30_08_1983
    Live Hawaii 1973_ BBC 1972
    Miles of Aisles
    Night Ride Home
    Second Fret Sets 1966-1968 _CD
    Shadows and Light
    Song To A Seagull
    Songs Of A Prairie Girl (Remas
    Taming The Tiger
    The Hissing of The Summer Lawn
    Travelogue (Disc 1)
    Travelogue (Disc 2)
    Turbulent Indigo
    Unplugged & Jamming Volume 1
    Unplugged & Jamming Volume 2
    Wembley Arena 84 08 24
    Wild Things Run Fast

Jonny Hahn

Jools Holland
    Jools Holland – More Friends –

Julian Lennon
    Julian Lennon Various

J_J_ Cale & Eric Clapton
    The Road To Escondido

Artists K

Karsh Kale

Kate Bush
    The Whole Story

Katrina and the Waves
    Katrina and The Waves Various


KD Lang f_ roy orbison

Keef Hartley Band
    live Woodstock Bootleg

Keith Jarrett
    at The Blue Note
    Bach_ Das Wohltemperierte Klav
    The Koln Concert

Keith Jarrett Trio
    Standards live

Keith Richards
    Buenos Aires 1992-11-11
    Crosseyed Heart
    Keith Richards
    Live Bootleg from Boston ’93 –

King Crimson
    In The Court of The Crimson Ki
    In The Wake of Poseidon


Krishna Das
    Live on Earth_ Disk 2
    live On Earth___For A Limited
    Pilgrim Heart

Artists L

Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Paul
    Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Paul

Later_ Live with Jools Holland
    Later_ live With Jools Holland

Laura Mvula
    Sing To The Moon (Deluxe)

Lauren Russell
    Baby Sleep Songs

Led Zeppelin
    Houses of The Holy
    In Through The Out Door
    Led Zeppelin I
    Led Zeppelin II
    Led Zeppelin III
    Led Zeppelin IV
    Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Editio
    live at The Royal Albert Hall
    Physical Graffiti
    The Song Remains The Same

Lee Michaels
    The Collection

Lenny Kravitz
    Austin Powers 2
    His Greatest Hits
    Lenny Kravitz Various
    Much Music Video Awards

Leo Kottke
    6- and 12-String Guitar

Leon Russell
    The Best of Leon Russell

Leon Russell & Marc Benno
    Asylum Choir II

Leonard Cohen
    Dear Heather
    I’m Your Fan_ The Songs of Leo
    Ten new Songs
    The Essential Leonard Cohen Di
    The Future
    Tower of Song- The Songs of Le

Les McCann & Eddie Harris
    Swiss Movement (Montreux 30th

Little Richard
    The Very Best of Little Richard

Little Village
    1992 -Little Village

    Birds of Pray

London Philharmonic Orchestra – Led Zeppelin Kashmir
    Kashmir – Symphonic Led Zeppelin

Long John Baldry
    Evening Conversation (live)
    Everything Stops For Tea
    It Ain’t Easy
    Long John Baldry Blues
    Long John’s Blues

Artists M – S

Maggie Rogers
    Now That the Light Is Fading –
    Main Ingredient

Artists M

Mark Almond
    Mark Almond
    Other Peoples Rooms
    To The Heart
    Tuesday In new York
    Mark Almond II
    Other Peoples Rooms

    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Men At Work
    Business As Usual
    live In San Bernardino
    Two Hearts

Michael Franks
    Love Songs
    Sleeping Gypsy
    The Art of Tea
    The Best of Michael Franks_ A
    Tiger In The Rain

Michael Hedges
    Aerial Boundaries
    Breakfast In The Field
    The Road To Return

Michael Jackson
    Bad (Remastered)
    Bad _Special Edition_
    Blood On The Dance Floor
    Blood On The Dance FLOOR_ HISt
    Dangerous _Special Edition_
    HIStory – PAST_ PRESENT and FU
    Michael Jackson – This Is It
    Michael Jackson’s This Is It
    Off The Wall _Special Edition_
    Thriller (Google Play Exclusiv
    Thriller _Special Edition_

Michael Manring_ Michael Hedge

michael kiwanuka
    Home Again (2012)
    Love & Hate
    Cold Little Heart (Radio Edit)

Mick Jagger
    Goddess In The Doorway
    SuperHeavy (Deluxe Edition)
    The Very Best of Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger & Jeff Beck
    Rehearsals With Mick Jagger fo

Midival Punditz
    Hello Hello

Mike Bloomfield
    Super Session
    Super Session _Bonus Tracks_

Mike Oldfield
    Discovery (Remastered 2015)
    EARTH Moving
    Extract From “Tubular Bells”
    Five Miles Out (Remastered)
    Heaven’s Open
    Hergest Ridge
    Hergest Ridge (Deluxe Edition)
    Incantations (2011 Remastered
    Mike Oldfield
    Mike Oldfield Boxed
    Mike Oldfield Tres Lunas
    Music Wonderland
    New Times
    Ommadawn (Deluxe Edition)
    Orchestral Hergest Ridge
    Pure Moods
    QE2 (Bonus Tracks)
    The Killing Fields (Original M
    The Mike Oldfield Collection
    The Millennium Bell
    The Orchestral Hergest Ridge_
    The Orchestral Tubular Bells
    The Songs of Distant EARTH
    The Sorcerer
    The Sorcerer-Tubular Bells II
    The Voyager
    The Wind Chimes_ Part One and
    Tr3s Lunas II
    Tubular Bells
    Tubular Bells Digital Box Set
    Tubular Bells II
    Tubular Bells III
    Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield

Miles Davis
    Birth of The Cool
    Miles Ahead

Miles Davis and John Coltrane
    live In new York

Miles Davis_ Keith Jarrett
    What I Say
    What I Say_

Miles Davis_Gil Evans
    Sketches of Spain (Columbia Le

Minnie Riperton
    The Wonder of Stevie

    Animal Rights
    Destroyed (Bonus Track Deluxe)
    Destroyed (CD1)
    Destroyed (Remixed)
    Everything was Beautiful
    Everything Wrong Underwaters
    Hotel Ambient
    I Like To Score
    Innocents (Limited Edition)
    Last Night
    Live From London (Greatest Hit
    live in obermann 20-02-2000
    Wait For Me
    Wait For Me Ambient
    Wait For Me Deluxe Editio

Modern English
    Modern English

Momma and the Papas
    Momma and The Papas

Moody Blues – See THE MOODY BLUES

    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Mountain Live The Road Goes Ever On
    Nantucket Sleighride
    Twin Peaks
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

    Mozart Various

Mummy Calls
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

k.d. Lang Music From And Inspired By The “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” Motion Pictur
    Music From And Inspired By The “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” Motion Picture

    Conception_ an interpretation

Artists N

Natalie Maines

Natalie Merchant
    MTV Unplugged

Natasha Bedingfield

Nazz_ Todd Rundgren
    Nazz III (1971)
    Nazz Nazz

Neil Young
    After The Gold Rush
    American Stars ‘N Bars
    Are You Passionate_
    Broken Arrow
    Comes A Time
    DEAD Man
    Decade Cd 2
    Everybody’s Rockin’
    Harvest Moon
    Hawks & Doves
    Journey Through The Past
    Landing On Water
    Live At Massey Hall 1971
    live Rust
    Living With War
    Long May You Run
    Lucky Thirteen
    Mirror Ball
    Neil Young
    Neil Young Greatest Hits
    Neil Young Decade (Disc 1)
    Old Ways
    On The Beach
    Prairie Wind
    Road Rock_ Vol_ 1 (Live)
    Silver and Gold Neil Young
    This Note’s For You
    Time Fades Away
    Tonight’s the Night
    Unplugged Neil Young

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    live at The Fillmore East – Ma
    Rust Never Sleeps
    Weld (disc 1)
    Year Of The Horse (disc 1)
    Year of The Horse (disc 2)
    Ragged Glory
    Sleeps With Angels
    Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Nick Jason

Nicky Hopkins
    Ry Cooder, Nicky Hopkins & Rolling Stones – Jamming With Edward (1972)

Nils Landgren & Joe Sample
    Creole Love Call

    MTV Unplugged In new York
    Unplugged In new York

Norah Jones
    Austin City Limits (8-22-02)
    Come Away With Me
    Elvis LIves Special
    Feels Like Home
    First Sessions
    First Sessions E_P_
    Kuscheljazz Vol_2
    Little Broken Hearts
    live at The House of Blues Chi
    live In new Orleans
    live In Paris
    live In The HMH CD1
    live In The HMH CD2
    Living Room_ NYC 9_20_00
    Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz
    Medicated Magic
    Ministry of Sound – The Chillo
    New York City (with The Peter
    Songs From The Analog playground
    WFUV – Bronx_ NY 3_3_02
    WFUV_ NY 12_29_01

Norah Jones & Laszlo

Norah Jones & Willie Nelson
    live and Kickin_

Norah Jones and Adam Levy
    Princess Diaries 2 OST

Artists O

Opera Angels
    Grace _UK_

Original Soundtrack
    ‘Serendipity’ – Original Motion
    Anywhere But Here Soundtrack
    Beavis & Butthead Soundtrack
    Finding Forrester
    Performance Soundtrack
    Soundtrack to Gone In 60 Seconds
    Twister Soundtrack
    Original Score Movie: Traffic
    80 Golden Hits Vol _3
    Where The Heart Is – Music Fro

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
    Albinoni_ Adagio – Pachelbel_


Ozzy Osbourne

Lenny Kravitz

Artists P

Paco De Lucia_ Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin
    Paco De Lucia_John McLaughlin_
    The Guitar Trio

Pat Metheny
    80_81 (CD2)
    A Map of The World
    A Sassy Samba
    Bright Size Life
    Flower Hour (CD1)
    Flower Hour (CD2)
    Live at Jazz Festival (Burghau
    Live at Yoshi’s
    Live at Yoshi’s San Francisco
    New Chautauqua
    One Quiet Night
    Passaggio Per IL Paradiso
    Secret Story
    Secret Story (Collector’s Edit
    Selected Recordings
    The Road to You (Live in Marseilles, France)
    The Way Up (Live in Vienne_ Fr
    This World
    Tokyo Day Trip – live EP
    Trio -_ live (CD2)
    Works II
    Zero Tolerance For Silence

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays
    As Falls Wichita_ So Falls Wic

Pat Metheny Group
    American Garage
    Autumn Leaves
    Blue Asphalt
    Blue Note (Live in Tokyo_ Japa
    First Circle
    Gotanda U-Port Hall (Live in T
    Imaginary Day
    In Concert
    Letter From Home
    live at Arena In Vienna_ Austr
    live at Jazzfest Ost-West In N
    Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis 2 CDs
    Pat Metheny Group
    Speaking of Now
    Still (Life Talking) World Tou
    Still Life (Talking)
    The Falcon and The Snowman_ OS
    The PMG Companion_ Vol_ I (197
    The PMG Companion_ Vol_ II (19
    The Road To You
    The Road to You (Live in Marseilles, France)
    The Way Up
    Travels (CD2)
    Unity Village (Live in U_S
    Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival
    We live Here

Pat Metheny Trio
    Day Trip
    Question and Answer
    Ram’s Head
    State Theater Falls Church
    Trio -_ live (CD1)
    Trio 99 -_ 00
    Monterey Jazz Festival 2005
Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny
    Beyond The Missouri Sky

Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Woodstock 1969 Day4

Paul Kantner
    The Planet EARTH Rock and Roll

Paul Mccartney
    All The Best
    Working Classical – Orchestral and Chamber Music by Paul McCartney
    Back In The U_S_ (Cd 2)
    Back In The U_S_ (CD1)
    Back In The World
    Band On The Run
    Band on the Run 25th anniversary
    Chaos and Creation In The Back
    Driving Rain
    Ecce Cor Meum
    Egypt Station
    Flaming Pie
    Flowers In The Dirt
    Flowers In The Dirt (Remastered
    Flowers In The Dirt 2 Cd (Japa
    Give My Regards To Broad Street
    Kisses On The Bottom
    Liverpool Oratorio
    Liverpool Sound Collage
    McCartney II
    McCartney III
    Memory Almost Full
    MTV Unplugged
    Ocean’s Kingdom
    Off The Ground
    Off The Ground – Complete Work
    Paul Is live
    Percy ‘Thrills’ Thrillington
    Pipes of Peace
    Press To Play
    Pure McCartney (Deluxe Edition
    Run Devil Run
    Standing Stone
    Tripping The Live Fantastic (C
    Tripping The live Fantastic_ H
    Tug of War
    UK Singles Collection
    Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)
    Wings at The Speed of Sound
    Working Classical

Paul McCartney & Wings
    Last Flight (CD1)
    Last Flight (CD2)
    Wings Over America
    Back To The Egg
    Band On The Run
    Band On The Run Special Edition
    Fall ’74 Emi_ Abbey Road Studio
    London Town
    Red Rose Speedway
    Rrrrooock Show
    Venus and Mars
    Wild Life
    Wings Greatest
    Wings Over America
    Wings Over America – Disc One

Paul Revere & The Raiders
    1968 Something Happening
    1969 Hard And Heavy (With Mars
    A Christmas Present___And Past
    Alias Pink Puzz
    Country Wine
    Goin’ To Memphis
    Greatest Hits
    Here They Come
    Indian Reservation
    Just Like Us! _Bonus Tracks_
    Midnight Ride
    Paul Revere & The Raiders
    Paul Revere & The Raiders_ The
    Something Happening
    The Spirit of ’67

Paul Rodgers Muddy Water Blues – A Tribute

Paul Simon
    1964-1993 Disc 1
    1964-1993 Disc 2
    1964-1993 Disc 3
    Concert in the Park Disc 2
    Graceland _Bonus Tracks_
    Graceland {Rem & Exp 2004_ fro
    Hearts And Bones (2011 Remastered
    Hearts and Bones _Bonus Tracks
    In The Blue Light
    One-Trick Pony (2011 Remaster)
    One-Trick Pony {Rem & Exp 2004
    Paul Simon In Concert_ live Rh
    Paul Simon Various
    Paul Simon _Bonus Tracks_
    Paul Simon {Rem & Exp 2004_ fr
    Paul Simon’s Concert in the Pa
    Paul Simon Various
    Rhythm Of The Saints_ The {Rem
    Songs From The Capeman _Bonus
    Songs From The Capeman {Rem &
    Still Crazy After All These Ye
    The Essential Paul Simon
    The Paul Simon Songbook _Bonus
    The Rhythm Of The Saints (2011
    There Goes Rhymin’ Simon _Bonu
    There Goes Rhymin’ Simon {Rem
    You’re the One
    You’re The One {Rem & Exp 2004

Paul Simon and George Harrison
    Paul Simon and George Harrison

Paul Simon_ James Taylor_ & Art Garfunkle
    Paul Simon_ James Taylor_ & Art Garfunkle

Paul Winter Consort
    Concert For The EARTH

Pearl Jam
    1998 Xmas Single
    Completely Unplugged
    Jeremy Maxi CD Single
    Lightning Bolt
    Lost Dogs
    No Code
    Pearl Jam
    Pearl Jam live
    Riot Act

Pearl Jam & Neil Young
    Pearl Jam & Neil Young

Pete Ham
    7 Park Avenue _Japan Bonus Tra

Pete Townshend
    All The Best Cowboys Have Chin
    Another Scoop
    Empty Glass _Bonus Tracks_
    Face The Face
    Lifehouse Chronicles
    live _ The Empire
    Scoop 3
    The Oceanic Concerts and Rapha
    The Other Scoop
    Twenty (Scoop 4)
    White City _Bonus Track_

Peter Gabriel
    Long Walk Home
    Mail On Sunday compilation
    Peter Gabriel
    Peter Gabriel (Car)
    Peter Gabriel (Scratch)
    Plays live
    Power of The Heart
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le
    Ultra Rare Traxx
    Ultra Rare Traxx 3

Peter Green
    Blues Don’t Change
    Cells Alive!
    Destiny Road
    Hot Foot Powder
    In The Skies
    Katmandu – A Case For The Blue
    Little Dreamer
    Man of The World_ The Antholog
    Reaching The Cold 100
    Soho live – Disc One
    Soho live Disc Two
    Splinter Group
    Peter Green The Anthology
    The End of The Game
    Whatcha Gonna Do_
    White Sky

Peter Green Splinter Group
    Blues Don’t Change
    Time Traders

Peter Green_ Mick Green
    Two Green Make A Blues

Peter_ Paul and Mary
    Peter_ Paul and Mary Various

Phil Ochs
    A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
    A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
    All the News That’s Fit to Sin
    Amchitka – The 1970 Concert Th
    American Troubadour
    Chords of Fame
    Farewells & Fantasies (1 of 3)
    Farewells & Fantasies (2 of 3)
    Farewells & Fantasies (3 of 3)
    Greatest Hits
    I Ain’t Marching Anymore
    live at Newport
    On My Way_ 1963 Demo Session
    Phil Ochs
    Phil Ochs Various
    Pleasures of The Harbor
    Rehearsals For Retirement
    Sings For Broadside
    Tape From California
    The Broadside Tapes 1
    The Early Years
    The War Is Over (The Best Of P
    Kind of Like Spitting
    Phil Ochs
    Phil Ochs_ Various Artists
    Broadside Ballads_ Vol_ 6_ Bro
    Sid Griffin_ Phil Ochs Little Victories

    White Album (cover)

Pink Floyd
    Careful With These Tracks
    Dark Side of The Moon
    More Soundtrack
    Pink Floyd LIve in London 1972
    Pulse CD 1
    Pulse CD 2
    The Final Cut
    The Later Years 1987-2019 (Lim
    The Wall
    Ummagumma – Studio Album
    Wish You Were Here

    The White Album


Procol Harum
    A Salty Dog
    A Whiter Shade of Pale
    Broken Barricades
    Exotic Birds and Fruits
    Grand Hotel
    live-In Concert With Edmonton
    Procol’s Ninth
    Shine On Brightly
    Something Magic
    The Prodigal Stranger
    The Well’s On Fire

Artists Q

    40 – Volume 1
    40 – Volume 2
    at The BBC
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Flash Gordon (Deluxe Remastered
    Greatest Hits II
    Greatest Hits III
    Innuendo (Deluxe Remastered Ve
    Live At Wembley Stadium ’86
    live Killers
    live Magic
    Made in Heaven (Deluxe Remastered
    Queen (Deluxe Remastered Versi
    Queen 40 Limited Edition Colle
    Queen II
    Rock Montreal
    Sheer Heart Attack
    Stone Cold Classics
    The A-Z Of Queen Volume 1
    The Best of___
    The Game

Queen & Paul Rodgers
    The Cosmos Rocks

    live Woodstock Bootleg

Artists R

    Corner Grocery Store and Other
    Everything Grows
    Rise and Shine
    Singable Songs For The Very Yo

Randy Crawford & Joe Sample
    Feeling Good
    No Regrets

Ray Charles
    Genius Loves Company

Ray Davies
    The Storyteller

Ray LaMontagne
    God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t
    Gossip In The Grain
    Till The Sun Turns Black

Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Beavis & Butthead Soundtrack
    By The Way
    Mother’s Milk

Richie Havens
    Alarm Clock
    Common Ground
    Cuts To The Chase
    live at The Cellar Door
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Mixed Bag
    Richard P_ Havens_ 1983
    Sings Beatles and Dylan
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Ricky Skaggs
    Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby

Ricky Skaggs & Friends
    Big Mon

Robert Plant
    9 Lives (Box Set 8-9) Dreamland
    Band of Joy
    Carry Fire
    Dream Land Collectors Special
    Fate of Nations
    Fate of The Nations (Remaster)
    Manic Nirvana
    Manic Nirvana (Remastered)
    Mighty Rearranger (Remaster)
    Nine LIves
    No Quarter
    No Quarter_
    No Quarter_ Unledded
    Now and Zen (Remaster)
    Now And Zen (Remastered _ Expa
    Pictures at Eleven
    Pictures At Eleven (Remastered
    Principle Of Moments (Remaster
    Raising Sand
    Robert Plant With Fairport Cro
    Shaken ‘N Stirred
    Shaken ‘N’ Stirred (Remastered
    The Principle Of Moments (Rema

Robert Plant & The Strange Sen
    Mighty Rearranger

Rod Stewart
    101 Number One Hit Records
    A Night On The Town
    A Nod Is As Good As A Wink to a Blind Horse
    A Spanner In The Works
    Absolutely live
    An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down
    As Time Goes By The Great American Songbook
    Atlantic Crossing
    Blondes Have More Fun
    Body Wishes
    Changing Faces – The Very Best
    Downtown Train
    Downtown Train – Selections
    Encore_ The Very Best Of_ Vol_
    Every Beat of My Heart
    Every Picture Tells A Story
    First Step
    Foolish Behaviour
    Foot Loose & Fancy Free
    Gasoline Alley
    Gasoline Alley – Remaster
    If We Fall In Love Tonight
    It Had To Be You
    Just A Little Misunderstood
    Never A Dull Moment
    Out of Order
    Rod Stewart Unplugged and Seat
    Rod Stewart Various
    Rod Stewart Various live
    Rod Stewart _ Faces live – Coa
    Sing It Again Rod
    Snakes and Ladders
    Spanner In The Works
    Stardust – The Great American
    Still The Same___ Great Rock C
    Storyteller – Complete Anthology
    Storyteller_ Anthology 1964-19
    Storyteller_ The Complete Anth
    Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller
    Thanks For The Memory The Great American Songbook
    The Ballad Album
    The Best (1969-1986)
    The Best of Faces Good Boys
    The Great American Songbook
    The Great American Songbook –
    The Great American Songbook Vo
    The Mercury Anthology
    The Rod Stewart Album
    The Rod Stewart Sessions (CD 2
    The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-
    The Seventies Collection
    The Story So Far – The Very Be
    The Ultimate Celtic Album
    Tonight I’m Yours
    Tonight I`m Yours
    Unplugged In new York Album
    Unplugged_ _ _And Seated
    Vagabond Heart
    When We Were The new Boys
    The Great American Songbook Vo

Rod Stewart with Jeff Beck
    No Ready Made Guys

Roger Chapman

Roger Daltrey
    As Long As I Have You
    Daltrey _Bonus Track_
    Gold Disk
    Mcvicar _Original Soundtrack_
    One of The Boys

Roger Waters
    Is This The Life We Really Wan

Ron Wood
    Gimme Some Neck
    I’ve Got My Own Album To Do
    Mahoney’s Last Stand
    Now Look
Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane
    Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane – Mahoney’s Last Stand (1976)

Ronnie Lane
    Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane – Mahoney’s Last Stand (1976)

Rotary Connection
    Rotary Connection

Roxy Music
    CD1 live
    CD2 live
    Country Life
    Flesh _ Blood
    For Your Pleasure
    Heart Still Beating
    Nuevo título
    Roxy Music
    Roxy Music 72
    The Best of Roxy Music

Rufus Wainright & Sean Lennon
    Tribute To John Lennon

Artists S

Sam Cooke
    live at The Harlem Square Club
    Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964

Sam Smith
    The Thrill of It All

    All That I Am
    Beyond Appearances
    Blues For Salavador
    Dance of The Rainbow Serpent
    Dance of The Rainbow Serpent_
    Disco Triple
    Greatest Hits
    Havana Moon
    Hit Collection
    Inner Secrets
    Latin Tropical – 25 Essentials
    live at The Fillmore
    live Carlos Santana & Buddy Mi
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Love devotion surrender 1973
    Oneness Silver Dreams Golden R
    Original Album Classics
    Sacred Fire_ Santana live In S
    Santana (Legacy Edition)
    Santana (Luxury Edition)
    Santana and Jeff Beck and Stev
    Santana lll
    Santana_ The Early Years
    Seriously Santana (Bootleg)
    Soul Sacrifice
    Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
    The Best of Santana
    The Essential Santana
    The Gold Standard Series _ Pop
    The Swing of Delight
    The Woodstock Experience
    Ultimate Santana
    Viva Santana!
    Woodstock 1969 Day1
    Dj Santana
    Dj Santana – ol school remix’s
    Devadip Carlos Santana
    Oneness_ Silver Dreams Golden
    A Tribute To Che Guevara – Has
    Blues For Salavador
    Divine Light

Carlos Santana_Buddy Miles
    Rock Classics

Sarah Brightman
    As I Came of Age
    Best Of Sarah Brightman_ 1990-
    Diva_ The Singles Collection
    Eden- live In Concert
    Fly (Rare Tracks)
    Harem Tour CD
    Harem World Tour_ live From La
    La Luna
    La Luna In Concert
    Sarah Brightman In Concert
    Sarah Brightman remix
    Sarah Brightman- The ALW Colle
    Songs That Got Away
    Time To Say Goodbye
    Trees They Grow So High
    Fly (Rare Tracks)

Sarah Brightman & Manowar
    Harem (Advanced CD)

Sarah Brightman_ Chris Thompson
    Fly (Rare Tracks)

Sarah Harmer
    All of Our Names

Savoy Brown
    Raw Sienna
    The Savoy Brown Collection ((Chronicles Series)
    The Savoy Brown Collection _UK

    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Screaming Headless Torsos
    Screaming Headless Torsos

    Seal live

Sha Na Na
    Woodstock 1969 Day4
    live Woodstock Bootleg

Sheryl Crow

    1000 Forms Of Fear

Simon & Garfunkel
    bridge Over Troubled Water
    Collected Works remastered ’92
    Greatest Hits
    Live From New York City_ 1967
    Old Friends
    Old Friends Disc 1
    Old Friends Disc 2
    Old Friends Disc 3
    Parsley_ Sage_ Rosemary and Th
    The Concert In Central Park
    The Graduate – Original Soundt
    Old Friends
    Scarborough fair

Sir Neville Marriner
    Mozart_ Overtures

Skaila Kanga Ravel_ Introduction Et Allegro
    Ravel_ Introduction Et Allegro

Sly & the Family Stone
    Ain’t But The One Way
    Back On The Right Track
    Dance To The Music
    Heard You Missed Me_ Well I’m
    Small talk
    Whole new thing
    Woodstock 1969 Day2
    Stand !
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Sly and The Family Stone
    The Essential Sly and The Family
    There’s A Riot Goin’ On
    High On You

Small Faces
    Here Come The Nice_ The Immedi

Smashing Pumpkins
    Shiny And Oh So Bright_ Vol_ 1

Spencer Davis Group
    Notting Hill Ost
    Spencer Davis Group
    Classic Spencer Davis Group

Spin Doctors
    Best Alternative Ballads
    Here Comes The Bride
    Promo Only Mainstream Radio –
    Stone Free_ A Tribute To Jimi
    Turn It Upside Down
    You’ve got to believe in something

    12 dreams of dr sardonicus
    The Family That Plays Together
    Time Circle – Disc Two

Spooky Tooth
    BBC Session (live In Europe)
    Cross Purpose
    It’s All About
    live at The Berlin
    live In Europe
    Master Series
    Spooky Two
    The Island Years 1967 – 1974
    The Last Puff
    The Mirror
    You Broke My Heart_ So I Buste

Stanley Clarke
    1_ 2_ to the Bass
    at The Movies
    Bass-Ic Collection
    East River Drive
    I Wanna Play For You
    If This Bass Could Only talk
    Journey To Love
    Journey To Love (Remaster)
    live at The Greek
    Modern Man (Remaster)
    school Days
    school Days (Remaster)
    Stanley Clarke
    Stanley Clarke (Remaster)
    Stanley Clarke_ Larry Carlton_
    The Clarke Duke Project (Remas
    The Clarke_Duke Project
    This Is Jazz #41- Stanley Clarke
    Time Exposure

Stanley Clarke_ Al di Meola &
    The Rite of Strings


Stephen Marley
    Conception_ an interpretation

Stephen Stills
    Carry On Box Set Disc 1
    Carry On Box Set Disc 2
    Carry On Box Set Disc 3
    Carry On Box Set Disc 4
    CSN Box
    Stephen Stills
    Stephen Stills live
    Stills Alone
    Stephen Stills 2 1971

Stephen Stills and Judy Collin
    Stills & Collins

    Steppenwolf 7
    at Your Birthday Party
    For Ladies Only
    Hour of The Wolf
    Slow Flux
    The Second

Steve Miller Band
    Book of Dreams
    Born 2B Blue
    Brave new World
    Children of The Future
    Circle of Love
    Fly Like an Eagle
    Greatest Hits 1974-78
    Italian X Rays
    Let Your Hair Down
    Living In The 20th Century
    Living In The USA
    number 5
    Recall The Beginning___ A Jour
    Rock Love
    Sailor (Remastered)
    Steve Miller Band
    Take The Money and Run
    The Gangster Is Back
    The Joker
    Wide River
    Young Hearts
    Your Saving Grace

Steve Morse JeffBeck, Eric Jo
    Major IMpact

Steve Winwood
    Nine LIves
    Revolutions_ The Very Best of
    Steve Winwood Various
    Talking Back To The Night
    The Finer Things

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jeff Beck
    live From Video at UCP Arena
    The Fire Meets The Fury

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double
    Greatest Hits

Stevie Ray Vaughan_ Carlos San
    Stevie Ray Vaughan Various

Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Stevie Ray Vaughn Various

Stevie Wonder
    A Jazz Tribute To Stevie Wonder
    A Time To Love
    at The Close of A Century
    Ballad Collection
    Best Ballads
    Conversation Peace
    Definitive Collection
    Down To EARTH
    Eivets Rednow___Alfie
    First Hits
    For Once In My Life
    Fulfillingness’ First Finale
    Fulfillingness First finale
    Go Home
    Hotter Than July
    I was Made To Love Her
    In Square Circle
    Journey Through The Secret Life
    Jungle Fever
    Live @ The Rainbow 1973
    Live In Brighton – July 4th_ 1
    Live In NYC 1975
    Love Songs – 20 Classic Hits
    Music of My Mind
    My Cherie Amour
    Natural Wonder (live)
    Original Musiquarium I_ Volume
    Signed_ Sealed & Delivered
    Signed_ Sealed and Delivered
    Someday at Christmas
    Song Review ( Hits Collection)
    Songs In The Key of Life
    Stevie Wonder live
    Stevie Wonder Various
    Talking Book
    The 12 Year Old Genius
    The Definitive Collection
    The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie
    The Original Musiquarium I_ Vo
    The Woman In Red
    Tribute To Uncle Ray
    Up-Tight Everything’s Alright
    Where I’m Coming From
    With A Song In My Heart

    Brand new Day
    Bring On The Night
    Bring On The Night (Disc 2)
    Direct TV Concert
    Sting Various
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le

Sting_ Eric Clapton_ Jeff Beck
    The Secret Policeman’s Other B

    Strauss Various

20th Century Masters_ The Mill
    Blue angel
    Deja fou
    From The Witchwood
    Halcyon Days – The A&M Years
    Heartbreak Hill
    Painted Sky
    The Strawbs
    Heartbreak Hill

Strawbs_ Sandy Denny
    All Our Own Work

    live Woodstock Bootleg

Artists T

Taj Mahal
    Giant Step
    Happy Just To Be Like I Am
    Hidden Treasures
    Mo’ Roots
    Music Keeps Me Together
    Oooh So Good ‘N Blues
    Recycling The Blues & Other Re
    Rising Sons
    Rising Sons (Recorded 1965-66)
    Satisfied ‘N Tickled Too
    Sounder Soundtrack
    Taj Mahal
    The Best of Taj Mahal
    The Natch’l Blues
    The Real thing

Talking Heads
    1983-08-20 South Yarmouth
    Fear of Music
    Little Creatures
    More Songs About Buildings and
    Remain In Light
    Speaking In Tongues
    Talking Heads_ 77
    True Stories

Ten Years After
    live at Boston Paradise Theater
    The Anthology 1967-1971 [Hip-O] Disc 1
    The Anthology 1967-1971 [Hip-O] Disc 2
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

The Alan Parsons Project
    Tales of Mystery and Imagination

The Animals
    The Complete Animals CD1
    The Complete Animals CD2

The Band
    The Band Classic Rock
    Greatest Hits The Band
    High On The hog
    King Biscuit Flower Hour
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    Moondog Matinee
    Music From Big Pink
    Night They Drove Old Dixie Dow
    Northern Lights-Southern Cross
    Rock of Ages
    Rock Of Ages (Disc 1)
    Stage Fright
    Syria Mosque
    The Band
    The Band A Musical HIStory
    The Band Anthology
    The Band Not Labeled
    The Best of The Band
    The Last Waltz
    The Last Waltz Disc 2
    The Weight
    To Kingdom Come
    Woodstock 1969 Day3

The Beach Boys
    Pet Sounds _40th Anniversary e
    Sounds of Summer_ The Very Bes
    Summer Days and Summer Nights
    The Warmth of The Sun
    Thirty Years CD1

The Beatles
    A Hard Day’s Night
    Abbey Road
    Anthology 1
    Beatles – 1967-1970
    Beatles For Sale
    Beatles Various
    The Beatles Various
    Let It Be
    Live at the BBC-cd 1
    Live At The BBC-cd 2
    Magical Mystery Tour
    Odd Beatles Stuff
    Please Please Me
    Rooftop Album
    Rubber Soul
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition] (4 CDs)
    Staples 70 Mix
    The White Album (Original)
    The Beatles (White Album / Super Deluxe) (6 CDs)
    The Beatles 1967 – 1970 (Remastered)
    The Beatles Past masters
    The Beatles Unplugged
    The Beatles Various
    With The Beatles
    Yellow Submarine

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones
    Drift Away

The Boxer Rebellion

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    Their Satanic Majesties’ Second

The Byrds
    Ballad of Easy Rider
    Dr_ Byrds & Mr_ Hyde
    Dr_ Byrds and Mr_ Hyde
    Farther along
    Fifth Dimension
    In The Beginning
    Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971
    live at The Fillmore – February
    Live at the piper club 1968 (b
    Mr Tambourine Man
    Never Before
    Sweetheart of The Rodeo
    The Byrds Box Set – Cruising A
    The Byrds Box Set – Final Appr
    The Byrds Box Set – Full Throt
    The Byrds Box Set – We Have Ig
    The Notorious Byrd Brothers
    The Preflyte Sessions
    The Preflyte Sessions (CD 1)
    The Preflyte Sessions (CD 2)
    There Is A Season (CD 1)
    There Is A Season (CD 2)
    There Is A Season (CD 3)
    There Is A Season (CD 4)
    Turn! Turn! Turn!
    Younger Than Yesterday

The Cure
    Catch (CD Video)
    The Cure Various

The Dead Weather
    Sea of Cowards

The Doors
    Absolutely live
    an American Prayer
    Essential Rarities
    Morrison Hotel
    Strange Days
    The Doors
    The Doors Box Set Disc 1
    The Doors Box Set Disc 2
    The Doors Box Set Disc 3
    The Doors Box Set Disc 4
    The Very Best of The Doors
    Waiting For The Sun

The Eagles
    Don Kirschners Rock Concert

The Ethiopians
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

The Firm & The Law Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers
    The Paul Rodgers Anthology CD3

The Hollies
    20 Great Love Songs
    30Th Anniversary Collection 19
    A’s B’s & Ep’s
    All The World Is Love
    All-Time Greatest Hits
    At Abbey Road 1963 – 1966
    At Abbey Road 1966 To 1970
    At Abbey Road 1973 – 1989
    Clarke Hicks & Nash Years
    Clarke_ Hicks & Nash Years – D
    Epic Anthology_ From The Original
    Greatest Hits _Emi_ Disc 1
    Greatest Hits _Emi_ Disc 2
    Moving Finger
    Stay With The Hollies__In The
    Staying Power
    The Air That I Breathe
    The Clarke_ Hicks & Nash Years
    The Essential Collection
    The Gold Collection
    The Long Road Home-40Th Anni
    Then_ Now_ Always

Jimi Hendrix Jim Morrison
    Bleeding Heart

Jimi Hendrix Traffic
    A Session

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Are You Experienced
    Axis_ Bold As Love
    Baggy’s Rehearsal Sessions
    Band of Gypsys
    BBC Sessions
    Bleeding Heart
    Blue Wild Angel_ live at The I
    Drone Blues
    Electric Ladyland
    Experience Hendrix (The Best O
    First Rays of The new Rising S
    Hendrix In The West
    In The West
    Jimi Hendrix Odd Songs
    Jimi Hendrix Various
    Jimi Plays Monterey
    live at Berkeley
    live at The Fillmore East
    Live at the Fillmore East (CD1
    live at The Royal Albert Hall
    live at Woodstock
    live at Woodstock (CD2)
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    People_ Hell and Angels
    Popa Chubby live
    The Jimi Hendrix Collection
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience (D
    The Last Experience
    The Ultimate Experience
    Voodoo Child (The Jimi Hendrix
    Voodoo Child- The Jimi Hendrix
    Woodstock 1969 Day4

The Kinks
    Arthur or The Decline and Fall
    BBC Sessions 1964-1977 CD1
    BBC Sessions 1964-1977 CD2
    Everybody’s in Showbiz
    Face To Face
    Give The people What They Want
    Kinda Kinks
    live at Kelvin Hall
    Lola Versus Powerman and The M
    Lost and Found
    Low Budget
    Muswell Hillbillies
    One For The Road
    Preservation Act 1
    Preservation Act 2
    Schoolboys In Disgrace
    Soap Opera
    Something Else By The Kinks
    Soundtrack From The film Percy
    State of confusion
    The Great Lost Kinks Album _ A
    The Kink Kontroversy
    The Kink Kronikles ( Disc 2 )
    The Kinks
    The Kinks Are The Village Gree
    The Kinks at The BBC CD1
    The Kinks at The BBC CD2
    The Kinks at The BBC CD4
    The Kinks at The BBC CD5
    The Kinks AtThe BBC CD3
    The Singles Collection
    The Ultimate Collection (Disc
    The Very Best of The Kinks _CD
    Think visual
    To The Bone – CD1
    To The Bone – CD2
    UK Jive
    Word of Mouth
    You Really Got Me
    Kinks Various

Dave Davies
    Kronikles (Disc Two)

The Last Experience
    Popa Chubby Plays

The Lovin’ Spoonful
    20 Golden Hits
    A Golden Hour Of Lovin’ Spoonful
    Greatest Hits
    Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful
    Kama Sutra Box
    Summer In The City
    The Lovin’ Spoonful
    The Very Best of the Lovin’ Sp

The Maytals
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

The Melodians
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

The Moody Blues
    Hall Of Fame (Live at Royal Albert Hall 2000)
    On The Threshold Of A Dream
    Sur La Mer
    Voices In The Sky – The Best Of
    A Night at Red Rocks
    A Night At Red Rocks Part 1
    A Night At Red Rocks Part 2
    A Question of balance
    Anthology (Disc 1)
    Anthology (Disc 2)
    Caught live _5
    Collected (Disc 1) (Universal
    Collected (Disc 2) (Universal
    Collected (Disc 3) (Universal
    Days of Future Passed
    Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
    Go Now
    In Search of The Lost Chord
    Keys of The Kingdom
    live at The Isle of Weight Fes
    Long Distance Voyager PT-SHM
    Octave (Decca 531 279-0)
    On The Threshold of A Dream
    Playlist Plus
    Seventh Sojourn
    Strange Times
    Sur La Mer
    The Best of The Moody Blues
    The Magnificent Moodies
    The Other Side of Life
    The Other Side of Life Tour
    The Present (Decca 531 278-9)
    The Story of The Moody Blues
    This Is The Moody Blues
    Time Traveller ( Vol 2 )
    Time Traveller Disc 1
    Time Traveller Disc 2
    Time Traveller Disc 3
    Time Traveller Disc 4
    Time Traveller Disc 5
    Timeless Flight
    Timeless Flight (Disc 1)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 10)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 11)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 2)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 3)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 4)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 5)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 6)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 7)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 8)
    Timeless Flight (Disc 9)
    To Our Children’s Children’s Children

The Posies
    Every Kind of Light

The Proclaimers
    Sunshine On Leith

The Rolling Stones
    12 x 5
    A Bigger Bang
    Anybody Seen My Baby
    Beggars Banquet
    Between The Buttons
    Between The Buttons US
    Big Hits (High Tide And Green
    Black and Blue
    Blue & Lonesome
    Bridges To Babylon (2009 Re-Ma
    Brussels Affair (Live_ 1973)
    December’s Children (And Every
    Definite Demos_ 1963-1966
    Dirty Work
    Emotional Rescue
    Exile On Main Street
    Flashpoint (Collectabels)
    Flashpoint (live)
    Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out (2006 Japan)
    Goats Head Soup
    Goats Head Soup (Deluxe)
    Got Live If You Want It! (2006)
    GRRR! (Deluxe Version)
    Hampton Coliseum (Live 1981)
    Highwire (Maxi CD Single)
    Hot Rocks 1964-1971
    Hyde Park 7-5-69
    I Go Wild Maxi CD Single
    It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
    Jersey Devil
    Let It Bleed
    Light The Fuse
    Like A Rolling Stone CD Maxi
    live at Leeds
    live at The Tokyo Dome
    live In England
    Live In London ’63-’65
    Live In St_ Louis ’97
    live Licks
    Love Is Strong Maxi CD Single
    Love You live
    Love You live CD1
    Love You live CD2
    L_A_ Friday
    Metamorphosis (2005)
    Memory Motel Promo CD
    Mixed Emotions
    No Security
    Out of Control Maxi CD Single
    Out of Our Heads
    Out of Our Heads UK
    Out of Tears Maxi CD Single
    Rain Fall Down
    Ruby Tuesday (Maxi CD Single)
    Saint of Me Maxi
    Santa Monica
    Shine A Light
    Singles 1963-1965
    Singles 1965-1967
    Singles 1968-1971 (International Version)
    Singles Collection The London Years
    Some Girls
    Some Girls – Live In Texas ’78
    StarFucker Tours live
    Steel Wheels
    Sticky Fingers
    Sticky Fingers UK
    Still Life
    Tattoo You
    The Biggest Mistake
    The Rolling Stones (England’s Newest Hitmakers) [US]
    The Rolling Stones (UK)
    The Rolling Stones EP
    The Rolling Stones N°2
    The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus
    The Rolling Stones Singles Col
    The Rolling Stones Various
    The Rolling Stones Now!
    Their Satanic Majesties
    Their Satanic Majesties Request
    Through The PAST_ Darkly
    Voodoo Lounge
    Wild Horses CD Maxi
    Wingless Angels
    You Got Me Rocking Maxi CD Sin
    The Rolling Stones Various (Good Random Rock)

The Romantics
    The Romantics

The Slickers
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

The Smashing Pumpkins
    Greatest Hits – Rotten Apples
    Machina II _ The Friends & Ene
    Machina II_ The Friends and En
    Machina _ The Machines of God
    Mellon Collie and The Infinite
    Pisces Iscariot
    Siamese Dream
    The Aeroplane Flies High
    The Aeroplane Flies High – Sin
    The Smashing Pumpkins Various

The Surfaris
    Original Oldies 60’s & 70’s

The Taj Mahal Travellers
    July 15_ 1972

The Traveling Wilburys
    The Traveling Wilburys
    The Traveling Wilburys Collect

The Uniques
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

The Wallflowers
    Bringing Down The Horse

The White Stripes
    Blunderbuss _Bonus Tracks_
    De Stijl
    De Stijl (EP)
    Get Behind Me Satan
    Icky Thump
    Icky Thump (EP)
    Icky Thump Mono VINYL
    Seven Nation Army
    The DEAD Weather – Dodge and B
    The DEAD Weather Horehound
    The White Stripes
    Walking With A Ghost
    White Blood Cells

The White Stripes (EP)
    Get Behind Me Satan

The Who
    A Quick One
    ARMENIA City In The Sky
    Endless Wire
    Face Dances
    It’s Hard (Remixed And Digital
    live at The Royal Albert Hall
    live Woodstock Bootleg
    My Generation (Deluxe Edition)
    Odds and Sods
    Rough Mix _Bonus Tracks_
    The Iron Man-The Musical
    The Ultimate Collection
    The Who By Numbers
    The Who Sell Out
    The Who Various
    Then and Now
    Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B
    Tommy (Remastered)
    White City _Bonus Track_
    Who Are You
    Who Came First _Bonus Tracks_
    Who’s Next
    Woodstock 1969 Day2

The Yardbirds
    Best of British Rock
    Five live Yardbirds
    For Your Love
    Having A Rave Up
    Heart Full of Soul
    Roger The Engineer
    The Best of The Yardbirds

The Young Rascals
    The Young Rascals

    The Story of Them Featuring Va

Thomas Newman
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

Thomas Newman_ T_ Rex

Thunderclap Newman
    Hollywood Dream

Tim Cappello
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

Tim Hardin
    Woodstock 1969 Day1

Toad the Wet Sprocket
    99% Acoustic
    Toad The Wet Sprocket

Todd Rundgren
    2nd Wind
    A Wizard_ a True Star
    Bootleg Series_ Vol_ 2_ KSAN 9
    Fox Theater – Retro Rock
    Hermit of Mink Hollow CD4
    live In Tokyo
    Live in Tokyo ’79 – Disc 01
    Nearly Human
    Runt_ The Ballad of Todd Rundgren
    Something Anything_
    The Best – Special Edition
    The Complete Bearsville Album
    The Ever Popular Tortured Arti
    The Very Best of Todd Rundgren
    Up Against It
    With A Twist

    Oops! Wrong Planet
    Todd Rundgren’s Utopia

Tom Jones
    Spirit In The Room

Tom Petty
    Tom Petty

Tom Waits
    Closing Time

    Best of Traffic
    Far From Home
    Feelin’ Alright_ The Very Best
    Fillmore East 1970
    First Spark (live)
    heaven is in your mind (Stereo
    John Barleycorn Must Die (Stere
    John Barleycorn Must Die
    Last Exit
    Last Exit (stereo)
    Live 23-11-1970
    Live at BBC 1967-68
    live at Santa Monica
    Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
    Mr_ Fantasy
    On The Road
    Shoot Out at The Fantasy Facto
    Smiling Phases
    The Last Great Traffic Jam 199
    The Low Spark of High Heeled B
    Traffic (stereo)
    Welcome To The Canteen
    Welcome to the Canteen (Stereo
    When The Eagle Flies
    When The Eagle Flies (stereo)

Traffic_ Jimi Hendrix
    11-A Session

    Drops of Jupiter
    For Me It’s You


T_ Rex
    20th Century Superstar _Digita
    A Beard of Stars
    Acoustic Warrior
    Bolan Boogie
    Bolan’s Zip Gun
    Dandy In The Underworld
    Electric Warrior
    Electric Warrior – Expanded
    Electric Warrior _Japan Bonus
    Futuristic Dragon
    Live at the BBC 1970-71
    My people Were fair and Had Sk
    new In Town
    Prophets_ Seers & Sages The an
    Rock Stars-The Rock Collection
    The Slider
    T_ Rex
    T_ Rex Greatest Hits
    T_ Rex Various
    Zinc Alloy and The Hidden

Artists U

Artists V

Van Morrison
    A Sense of Wonder
    Down The Road
    Duets_ Re-Working The Catalogue
    His Band and The Street Choir
    Hymns to the Silence Disc 1
    Hymns to the Silence Disc 2
    Pay The Devil (Advance)
    Poetic Champions Compose
    Saint Dominic’s Preview
    The Best of Van Morrison
    The Healing Game
    The Philosopher’s Stone – Disc
    Too Long In Exile
    Tupelo Honey
    What’s Wrong With This Picture

Van Morrison_Lonnie Donegan_Ch
    The Skiffle Sessions_ live In

Various Artists
    50 Classics for Relaxation
    Aquellos Maravillosos A?s
    Classical Hits
    Country Boys
    Crucible – The Songs of Hunter
    Electric Blues Classics
    InnerVersions_ A Six Degrees Y
    KBCO – The Best of Studio C_ V
    Lost Boys Movie Sound Track
    Music From The O_C_ Mix 1
    New African Composers_ Vol_ 1
    new In Town
    Oh! From the Girls
    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
    Pay Close Attention _ XL Recor
    Pixies Fuckin’ Die! (a tribute
    Sabre Dance
    Singles – Original Motion Pict
    Sting and Gil Evans
    The Classical Guitar (Remaster
    The Music Never Stopped (Music
    Eddie Vedder Variou

Vivaldi Tatiana Grindenko
    The Masterworks (CD 01) – Viol
    The Masterworks (CD 02) – Viol
    The Masterworks (CD 03) – L’Es
    The Masterworks (CD 04) – L’Es
    The Masterworks (CD 05) – Reco
    The Masterworks (CD 06) – Conc
    The Masterworks (CD 07) – Conc
    The Masterworks (CD 08) – Conc
    The Masterworks (CD 09) – Orga
    The Masterworks (CD 10) – Oboe
    The Masterworks (CD 11) – Oboe
    The Masterworks (CD 12) – Oboe
    The Masterworks (CD 13) – La S
    The Masterworks (CD 14) – La S
    The Masterworks (CD 15) – Bass
    The Masterworks (CD 16) – La C
    The Masterworks (CD 17) – La C
    The Masterworks (CD 18) – Lute
    The Masterworks (CD 19) – Conc
    The Masterworks (CD 20) – Conc
    The Masterworks (CD 21) – Viol
    The Masterworks (CD 22) – Conc
    The Masterworks (CD 23) – Solo
    The Masterworks (CD 24) – Mand
    The Masterworks (CD 25) – Viol
    The Masterworks (CD 26) – Viol
    The Masterworks (CD 27) – Judi
    The Masterworks (CD 28) – Judi
    The Masterworks (CD 28) – Judi
    The Masterworks (CD 29) – L’Ol
    The Masterworks (CD 30) – L’Ol
    The Masterworks (CD 31) – Cant
    The Masterworks (CD 32) – Cant
    The Masterworks (CD 33) – Cant
    The Masterworks (CD 34) – Chor
    The Masterworks (CD 35) – Chor
    The Masterworks (CD 36) – Glor
    The Masterworks (CD 37) – Dixi
    The Masterworks (CD 38) – Magn
    The Masterworks (CD 39) – Cant
    The Masterworks (CD 40) – Cant
    The Masterworks of Antonio Viv
    Vivaldi Various

Artists W

Wakeman with Wakeman
    No Expense Spared

Walt Disney
    The Lion King Collection

Wax Poetic
    Nublu Sessions

Wayne’s World
    Wayne’s World (Music From The

Wild Cherry
    Play That funky White Boy Music

William Patrick Corgan

Willie Nelson
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le

Willy Porter
    Dog Eared Dream
    The Trees Have Soul
    Willy Porter

    Back To The Egg
    Got Any Toothpicks
    Venus and Mars
    Venus And Mars (Deluxe Edition
    Wings at The Speed of Sound
    Wings Over America – Disc One

Woody Guthrie
    Woody Guthrie Various

Artists Y


    2002-07-19 Kelseyville_ CA
    9012 Live – The Solos
    Affirmative_ The Yes Solo Family
    Beyond and Before – The BBC Re
    Big Generator
    Classic Yes
    Close To The Edge
    Extended Versions_ The Encore
    Friends and Relatives
    Friends and Relatives CD2
    Friends And Relatives Vol 2 C
    Friends And Relatives Vol 2 Cd
    Going For The One
    Keys To Ascension
    Keys To Ascension 2
    Live At Montreux 2003
    live From House of Blues
    Open Your Eyes
    Perpetual Change (Soundboard B
    Remixes (The Verge-DJ)
    Something’s Coming – The BBC S
    Symphonic live
    Tales From Topographic Oceans
    The Best Of Yes (1970 -1987)
    The Ladder
    The Ultimate Yes_ 35th Anniversary
    The Yes Album
    Time and A Word
    Tour 2009_ Live in London _17_
    Union Tour
    Yesterdays (7567-81533-2 D)

    Heaven_ Where True Love Goes

Other Artists

Other Artists

10000 Maniacs

60’s hits
    Sixty Hits Of The 60s

A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
    A Tribute To Joni Mitchell

Aaron Lewis & Fred Durst
    The Family Values Tour 1999

Aaron Neville
    Tower of Song_ The Songs of Le

Academy of St_ Martin in the Field
    Academy of St_ Martin In The f
    Christmas With The Academy
    Vivaldi-Academy of St_ Martin

The Academy of St_ Martin in the field
    Ravel_ Introduction Et Allegro
    Top Hits 1750

    19 (Deluxe Edition)
    21 (Deluxe Edition)
    iTunes live From Soho
    live at The Royal Albert Hall

Aisha Duo
    Quiet Songs

Crowded House
    Crowded House Various

Cyndi Lauper
    Memphis Blues

Dave & Ansel Collins
    The Harder They Come _Deluxe e

Dave Clark Five
    5 By 5
    5 By 5 = GO!
    A Session With The Dave Clark
    American Tour
    Catch Us If You can
    Coast To Coast
    Dave Clark and Friends
    Everybody Knows
    Glad All Over
    Glad All Over Again
    Glade All Over Again
    I Like It Like That
    If Somebody Loves You
    If Somebody Loves You & Everyb
    Satisfied With You
    The Dave Clark Five Return!
    The HIStory of The Dave Clark
    Try Too Hard
    Weekend In London
    You Got What It Takes
    The HIStory of The Dave Clark

Dave Hollister
    Conception_ an interpretation

Macy Gray
    On How Life Is

Manfred Mann
    Ages of Mann
    As Is
    at Abbey Road
    A’s B’s And EP’s
    Best Of The 60’S
    Budapest live
    Manfred Mann Chapter III – Vol
    Manfred Mann Chapter Three
    Volume One
    Volume Two
    Mann Made
    Mann Made (UK Bonus Tracks)
    Mann Made Hits (Deluxe Edition
    Mighty Garvey!
    Original Hits
    Original Manfred Mann
    Pretty Flamingo
    Quinn The Eskimo
    Soul of Mann
    The Ascent of Mann CD1
    The Ascent of Mann CD2
    The Best of EMI Years
    The Best Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    The Best of The EMI Years Disc
    The Complete Greatest Hits of
    The Evolution of Manfred Mann
    The Evolution of Mannfred Mann
    The Five Faces of Manfred Mann
    The Manfred Mann Album
    The Manfreds Live!
    The Singles Album
    The Story
    The Very Best of Manfred Mann
    The Very Best of The Fontana Y
    Up The Junction – Original Mot
    What A Man (Deluxe Edition)
    World of Mann
    Right To Sing The Blues

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
    20 Years Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    angel Station
    BBC Pick Of The Pops 1972
    Blinded By The Light – The Ver
    Budapest live
    Budapest live _2005 Japan Rema
    Chance (Remastered)
    Criminal Tango
    Criminal Tango (Remastered)
    Glorified Magnified
    Glorified Magnified (1999 Rema
    Here We Go Again!
    live In America
    live In Budapest
    live In Ersingen
    live In Stockholm
    Manfred Mann’ Earth Band
    Nightingales and Bombers (Rem)
    Somewhere In Afrika
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Rem
    Mann Alive
    Mann Alive CD2
    Marc Bolan & t-Rex
    Messin’ (Remastered)
    Nightingales and Bombers
    Odds & Sods – Mis-takes & Out-
    Plain Talking
    Plains Music
    Rockpalast 2000
    Soft Vengeance
    Solar Fire
    Solar Fire (1998 Remaster)
    Somewhere In Afrika
    Somewhere In Afrika _Japan Rem
    The Best Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    The Good EARTH
    The Good EARTH (Remastered)
    The Roaring Silence
    The Very Best of
    World Ballads Collection

Manfred Mann’s Earthband
    angel Station (Remastered)
    B’ginnings Schaumburg
    The Roaring Silence _Bonus Tra

Manfred Mann’s Plains Music
    Plains Music


Mann_ Manfred
    My Little Red Book of Winners!

Marc Bolan
    Love and Death
    The ALTERNATE Takes of Classic

Marc Bolan & T_ Rex
    The Best of Marc Bolan
    The Very Best of t-Rex
    Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Ride

Marc Bolan – T REX

J_ Geils Band
    Flashback – The Best of J_ Gei

Los Lobos

Lou Gramm

Lost Boys Movie Sound Track

Louis CK and Blanche Gardin
    Long-Distance Relationship

Lovin’ Spoonful
    A Golden Hour Of Lovin’ Spoonf

Luciana Souza
    Duos II

Ludwig Van Beethoven
    The Best of Beethoven

Macy Gray
    On How Life Is

Maggie Rogers
    Now That the Light Is Fading –

Manfred Mann
    Ages of Mann
    As Is
    at Abbey Road
    A’s B’s And EP’s
    Best Of The 60’S
    Budapest live
    Manfred Mann Chapter III – Vol
    Mann Made
    Mann Made (UK Bonus Tracks)
    Mann Made Hits (Deluxe Edition
    Mighty Garvey!
    My Little Red Book of Winners!
    Original Hits
    Original Manfred Mann
    Pretty Flamingo
    Quinn The Eskimo
    Soul of Mann
    The Ascent of Mann CD1
    The Ascent of Mann CD2
    The Best of EMI Years
    The Best Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    The Best of The EMI Years Disc
    The Complete Greatest Hits of
    The Evolution of Manfred Mann
    The Evolution of Mannfred Mann
    The Five Faces of Manfred Mann
    The Manfred Mann Album
    The Manfreds Live!
    The Singles Album
    The Story
    The Very Best of Manfred Mann
    The Very Best of The Fontana Y
    Up The Junction – Original Mot
    What A Man (Deluxe Edition)
    World of Mann
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
    20 Years Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    angel Station
    angel Station (Remastered)
    B’ginnings Schaumburg
    BBC Pick Of The Pops 1972
    Blinded By The Light – The Ver
    Budapest live
    Budapest live _2005 Japan Rema
    Chance (Remastered)
    Criminal Tango
    Criminal Tango (Remastered)
    Glorified Magnified
    Glorified Magnified (1999 Rema
    Here We Go Again!
    live In America
    live In Budapest
    live In Ersingen
    live In Stockholm
    Manfred Mann Chapter Three
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Rem
    Mann Alive
    Mann Alive CD2
    Messin’ (Remastered)
    Nightingales and Bombers
    Nightingales and Bombers (Rem)
    Odds & Sods – Mis-takes & Out-
    Plain Talking
    Plains Music
    Rockpalast 2000
    Soft Vengeance
    Solar Fire
    Solar Fire (1998 Remaster)
    Somewhere In Afrika
    Somewhere In Afrika _Japan Rem
    The Best Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    The Complete Greatest Hits of
    The Evolution of Manfred Mann
    The Good EARTH
    The Good EARTH (Remastered)
    The Roaring Silence
    The Roaring Silence _Bonus Tra
    The Very Best of
    Volume Two
    World Ballads Collection
    World of Mann

Marc Anthony

Marc Bolan And T-Rex
    The Very Best of Marc Bolan an

Marc Bolan_T_ Rex
    The ALTERNATE Takes of Classic

Marian Mcpartland & Norah Jone
    Marian Mcpartland’s Piano Jazz

Edith Piaff
    La Vie En Rose
    The Gold Collection 1997

Macy Gray
    On How Life Is

Manfred Mann
    Ages of Mann
    As Is
    at Abbey Road
    A’s B’s And EP’s
    Best Of The 60’S
    Budapest live
    Manfred Mann Chapter III – Vol
    Manfred Mann Chapter Three
    Volume One
    Volume Two
    Mann Made
    Mann Made (UK Bonus Tracks)
    Mann Made Hits (Deluxe Edition
    Mighty Garvey!
    Original Hits
    Original Manfred Mann
    Pretty Flamingo
    Quinn The Eskimo
    Soul of Mann
    The Ascent of Mann CD1
    The Ascent of Mann CD2
    The Best of EMI Years
    The Best Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    The Best of The EMI Years Disc
    The Complete Greatest Hits of
    The Evolution of Manfred Mann
    The Evolution of Mannfred Mann
    The Five Faces of Manfred Mann
    The Manfred Mann Album
    The Manfreds Live!
    The Singles Album
    The Story
    The Very Best of Manfred Mann
    The Very Best of The Fontana Y
    Up The Junction – Original Mot
    What A Man (Deluxe Edition)
    World of Mann
    Right To Sing The Blues

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
    20 Years Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    angel Station
    BBC Pick Of The Pops 1972
    Blinded By The Light – The Ver
    Budapest live
    Budapest live _2005 Japan Rema
    Chance (Remastered)
    Criminal Tango
    Criminal Tango (Remastered)
    Glorified Magnified
    Glorified Magnified (1999 Rema
    Here We Go Again!
    live In America
    live In Budapest
    live In Ersingen
    live In Stockholm
    Manfred Mann’ Earth Band
    Nightingales and Bombers (Rem)
    Somewhere In Afrika
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
    Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Rem
    Mann Alive
    Mann Alive CD2

Marc Bolan & t-Rex
    Messin’ (Remastered)
    Nightingales and Bombers
    Odds & Sods – Mis-takes & Out-
    Plain Talking
    Plains Music
    Rockpalast 2000
    Soft Vengeance
    Solar Fire
    Solar Fire (1998 Remaster)
    Somewhere In Afrika
    Somewhere In Afrika _Japan Rem
    The Best Of Manfred Mann’s Ear
    The Good EARTH
    The Good EARTH (Remastered)
    The Roaring Silence
    The Very Best of
    World Ballads Collection

Manfred Mann’s Earthband
    angel Station (Remastered)
    B’ginnings Schaumburg
    The Roaring Silence _Bonus Tra

Manfred Mann’s Plains Music
    Plains Music


Mann_ Manfred
    My Little Red Book of Winners!

Marc Bolan
    Love and Death
    The ALTERNATE Takes of Classic

Marc Bolan & T_ Rex
    The Best of Marc Bolan
    The Very Best of t-Rex
    Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Ride

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