January 21 2016 Soundtracks of our mind


Smudge In

Call in the Grandfathers



Welcome the energy of the East, the direction of the Lover. Welcome the energy of new beginnings, of connection with beauty and the richness of the world. The color of the East is yellow, the color of the rising sun at the beginning of the day. The fear of the East is the fear of pain. The desire of the east is the desire for pleasure, and the emotions are love and hatred. The animal of the East is the song sparrow calling us to a new day. We welcome the energies and spirit of the East. HO!


Welcome the energy of the South, the direction of the Warrior. Welcome the energy of service, of action in the world in service to the realm. The color of the South is red, the color of blood and of passion, the color of the heat of the noon-day sun. The fear of the South is the fear of losing control. The desire of the South is the desire for power, and the emotions are pride and anger. The animal of the South is the dog, the symbol of loyalty. We welcome the energies and spirit of the South. HO!


Welcome the energy of the West, the direction of the Magician. Welcome the energy of introspection, going within to find the gifts of healing. The color of the West is black, like the darkness of our shadows. The desire of the West is the desire for order and virtue. The fear of the West is the fear of Abandonment, and the emotions are happiness and shame. The animal of the West is the Bear, that goes into the cave to hibernate, to seek within the darkness the gift of renewal. We welcome the energies and spirit of the West. HO!


Welcome the energy of the North, the direction of the King. Welcome the energy of wisdom and blessing. The color of the North is white, the color of the hair of the elders. The desire is the desire for freedom and release, and the fear is the fear of Death. The emotions of the North are joy and sadness. The animal of the North is the Owl. We welcome the energies and spirit of the North. HO!


Welcome the energy of Sky Above, the masculine principle, the energy and spirit of inspiration. The color of the Above is blue and the animal is the eagle. Welcome the gifts of wind and sunshine, the creative energies, the desire for Truth and the emotion of compassion. We welcome the energies and spirit of Father Sky. HO!


Welcome the energy of Earth Below, the feminine principle, the energy and spirit of Generosity. The color of the Below is green and the animal is the deer. Welcome the gifts of nurture and support, the sustaining energies, the desire for abundant beauty and the emotion of gratitude. We welcome the energies and spirit of Mother Earth. HO!


Welcome the energy of Within, the principle of wholeness, the energy and spirit of the mysterious. The color of this energy is Gold. Welcome the gifts of balance, oneness, and the connection with all things, for all things are one and all things are related. The animal within is the human being, the desire is for serenity and the emotion is humility. We welcome the energies and spirit of Within. HO!



Take a deep breath and look into the candles as deeply as you can focus on one flame and let your mind be taken in by all the light of that candle
Allow your body to sink into your chair and let all of the days worries float up into the hot air rising above your candle
Take all of your focus now and put it on your candle and see nothing else in the room
Your mind is gone blank and you can only hear the sound of my voice.
As you hear my words your mind is going deeper and deeper into a super consciousness and awareness of  all that is in that flame.  You cannot smell anything, you cannot feel anything all you can do is hear my voice and see that flame in your eyes.

close your eyes.

Now imagine that you are floating up in a hot air balloon above your candle and watch from the wicker basket as you float up through the ceiling and into the sky looking down at all of us in this circle tonight.

look up into the sky and see the darkness above as you float up into the night sky

All is calm and all is good

You feel good and your body is telling you that you are satisfied and feeling content in this moment

Relax your entire body now starting with your feet.

Feel the tip of your big toe and then all of your toes and now the ball of your foot

move to your entire foot and now feel your calf relax…

Relax your legs and move to your hands which are at rest and your elbows are now relaxed too.

feel your chest relax as you breath in and breath out.

Felling calm and so at ease your entire body now is just floating.

sit quietly for a moment and listen to your breathing.

the person next to will be handing you something to hold for a moment and without saying anything hold that object and think about the time you used it when you were younger.

Move that object in your hands for a moment and let your mind go to that place you first thought of when you discovered what this object was.

Take that moment and hold it. Stay in that place for a minute.  and hand the object to the next person in the circle.

We are going to take a minute for everyone to enjoy this object and to remember a time when they were with that object with a friend or with a pet. A time of happiness and fun.

Now I want you to hear the sound that you associated with the time you thought of when you held this object.

What was the sound you heard?

Was it a voice. Was it something else.

Take a moment to think about the moment you discovered what the object was, and the thought that came into your mind from your past…. what was the sound you can now hear from that time you thought of?

We are going to come back into the room now.

Your hot air balloon is coming down, into this room and you are sitting back in your chair.

Take a deep breath and when you are ready please join us by opening your eyes.


Sensei for tonight is about the soundtracks we play in our minds.  In particular we have a choice between  the happy and pleasant sound tracks and those that take us away from our Warrior/Lover spirit.

Lover Round

Asking men to be open, honest and vulnerable requires the creation of a safe (and even sacred) space.

The Lover Round is where we begin this process. The Lover Round completes with one or more check-in rounds that ask each man to consciously own and speak where he is: physically, emotionally and even intellectually and spiritually.



I wanted to start the lover round tonight with each of us talking about how we feel, our name and animal name if you have one and then the name of a song you can remember and where and what that song was in your life.

I will model this:


Spirit Bear

I am feeling a little light headed and quezzie as I am supposed to be leading this evening and I am not sure I have all the processes down. I hope you will all bear with me and give me some guidance when I go off the road.

My song is by David Bowie

From his Hunky Dory album in 1971

The song is Changes.

I was standing on a street corner in Boston, in Kenmore Square enjoying the fall weather having just arrived to start my year at Boston University when my favorite pot dealer drove up in his Cadillac. Clay was a friend of mine from Connecticut and I had known him since we were 12 years old. He rolled down his window and I could hear the song wafting out to me along with a very strong odor of cannabis. He said want to drive around for a while.  With that I jumped into the passenger side and we proceeded to drive for 15 hours down every back street in Boston. We must have played that album 20 times.

It was a most amazing day I will never forget

And with that I am in.


Warrior Round

During the Warrior Round, we tighten or “scrub the container” by removing any potentially toxic

energy that men are bringing into the circle. The idea is to increase the safety and effectiveness of the

circle by allowing men to be more fully present. We do this by:

· Self Accountability– each man is invited to own any places in his life where he is out of

accountability in such a way that will diminish his ability to stay present in the circle.

· Support Accountability– if a man is in uncertain as to whether another man in the circle has

kept an agreement that MAY have been made, an invitation is made to that other man to

consider this issue. Whether the other man accepts the invitation or not is entirely up to him.

· Clearings – if a man has “energy” or “a charge” about another man in the circle, that energy

may impact the trust level within the circle, and we invite them to “clear” that energy using a

facilitated clearing process.



Magician Round

The Magician Round is where even deeper transformation happens. “What’s at Risk”.

What does this song mean to you

Please say the first refrain of the song.  sing it if you can.

Where does that take you and how does that make you feel?

My song

I still don’t know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
And every time I thought I’d got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I’ve never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I’m much too fast to take that test

(Turn and face the strange)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strange)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time


King Round

Opportunity to declare our wants and share new awareness. Men often use this time to name a personal or mission stretch and/or to bless themselves, others in the circle, or people in their lives.