Fear of opening new store for Mailchimp


Been a long time customer of mailchimp… not many people remember getting the t-shirt back when they launched… still have mine.

Fear. Starting companies is about doing the unknown. Fear is a factor of possible consequences of unknown things happening to you.

Take a deep breath. List your fears. How REALLY important are they compared to the big picture. Can they be fixed?

Do I really care if my socks are a week or two late if you tell me up front. Make it look good – we sold out so fast due to great customer demand…

Think about the bigger picture. What am I building for the next 10 years.

Did you think of a soft launch to make sure everything is working?

People want to be told what is going on with their order… not some snively excuses… Be the warrior with compassion. (reference to King, Warrior, Lover Magician Archetypes revisited – Robert Moore’s book)

What would Obama (mature masculine – pick your female archetype – Elisabeth Warren? ) due and stop acting like Donald Trump (Highchair Tyrant – OK Palin for you)… stop using your emotions to drive your day.

Plan, process, proceed, probe… rinse and repeat every day… drop the tears.

Torrey Russell
Ethereal Bobcat with reflective luminescent eyes

Role: Knower of Secrets
Lesson: Uncover the Hidden
Element: Water
Wind: North ~ Land of the Elders & Wisdom
Medicine: Invisibility