WW Theme: Forgiveness

Forgiveness. The time of year is upon us, tis the season for reconsideration and renewal. What are your stories of forgiveness — how have you overcome betrayal, did you receive an unexpected gift of financial absolution, were you able to rekindle a brutally severed relationship. Sometimes there is no path to forgiveness — and perhaps should not be. What does…

WW Theme Animal Name Signficance

Symphonia [Greek] an “agreement or concord of sound and energy.” [Sonata] Sensei To help to guide us through our journey tonight I would ask you to go back to your weekend and think about one of the more profound moments in your weekend adventure. You were asked to pick an Animal name (real or mythical) that had meaning for you.…

Beachhead Marketing – Take a stand and own it.

Beachhead Marketing – Take a stand and own it.

Beachhead marketing – focus on what you can own. Most organizations, non-profits and those in small companies often find that they are populated with people who are not really strong marketers. The team that a marketing executive reports to internally or the “volunteers” throughout and outside the organization usually have a hard time with understanding what it takes to find…


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